International Purchase Managers Summit 2014

International Purchase Managers Summit 2014

International Purchase Managers Summit 2014 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi:

It is not the university degree that props up your claim to fame to do what you are best at. It is your commitment and hands-on experience and knowledge of what you do. The professional dexterity comes so naturally to some people that they don’t need publicity to lead by example. They just do it.

The job of a purchase managers is one such sensitive, exclusive and skilled assignment that quality and honesty are the two intertwined mantras that take charge of the job description at the very outset itself.

International Purchase Managers Summit 2014
The third International Purchase Managers’ Summit will delve deep into the nuances involved in the advancements in the purchase practice of corporates and companies and the emphasis on quality. The summit is scheduled for December 11 and 12 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.
Expert speakers are going to share their knowledge on Purchase management with professionals who could actually make all the difference at their respective workplaces.

International Purchase Managers Summit 2014The theme around which the third international seminar is being woven is: “Purchasing+ – The last goldmine of profits.”

It is the strategy that has overtaken all other factors of ‘Purchase’. Innovation, cost-competitiveness, effective sourcing of material from countries where the stock is available for a relatively cheaper price. Fastest deliverance at the market crowns the company which is implementing the best strategies.

International Purchase Managers Summit 2014
It metamorphosed from transactional action to strategic decision. It’s no longer a mere purchasing, but it’s purchasing-plus, thanks to the globalisation and cross-border knowledge transfer and global market place.Purchase being seen as an administrative activity is now a passe. Purchase is now more of a science rather than art.

International Purchase Managers Summit 2014
The managements and business leaders at the top echelons also need to reorient their view about the purchase, for proper connect with the business, adding significant value, new talent and strategy in purchasing and quick decision making, flexible thought process and effective follow-up and execution have redefined the basic tenets of purchase.

International Purchase Managers Summit 2014
The role of Purchasing+ in the supply chain area has changed the rules of competition: It’s no longer between the companies, but it is between the supply chains.It will effectively be injected into the minds of the managements and the participant purchase professionals at the Third International Purchase Managers’ Summit that sourcing is not marketing and sourcing is not sales.

Purchase management coordinates the stream of products and administrations in an organization and handles all information and data identifying with contact with suppliers. Experts in this field should have the capacity to arrange, execute, and direct buying methods that help their organization to be more productive. It requires knowledge of the supply chain, business and tax laws, invoice and inventory procedures, and transportation and logistics issues.

International Purchase Managers Summit 2014
People who work here must dependably survey potential suppliers regarding the supplier’s capacity to ensure quality stock at a competitive cost and delivery on the dot.

Purchase managers should invariably possess extraordinary skill of negotiation, sound technical knowledge, understand software, marketing methods, comprehend advertising procedure, and be exceptional chiefs.World of Industry 2014 being held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi from December 10 to 13, 2014, opens up new opportunities to the participants with numerous avenues for promoting their products and services to different users.

International Purchase Managers Summit 2014
WIN INDIA possesses the strength of impressing and enticing a holistic set of industrial buyers, owing to the synergistic shows happening simultaneously. The delegates would greatly benefit from the summit as it would expose them to new technologies and materials.
Innovators in different categories will be honoured with HMFI-IAM Purchasing Awards.

Industry Purchasing Awards Categories include;

· International Purchasing Professional of the year:
o – Public Sector
o – Private Sector
· SME Company of the Year
· Best Green & Sustainability Practices
· Most Innovative Purchasing Practices
· Most Innovative Vendor Management Practices

Very senior purchase professionals from large corporates and global corporations will be sharing their knowledge on 11 different subjects that would take the Purchase to Purchasing+
Why wait? Book your seat right away. As you can expect, the seats are filling fast.

About WIN India

WIN India
10 – 13 December 2014, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
4 industrial shows. 1 Location. Infinite Opportunities.
World of Industry INDIA 2014, 8th edition, will be demonstrating complete range of products and services, from Hydraulics and Pneumatics to Electro-Mechanical Transmission, automation components to process and factory automation systems, materials handling equipments to logistics infrastructure systems. Surface technology products to electroplating and surface engineering techniques. These shows will be special attractions for the industry.The powerful synergy of these concurrent events will attract the visitor traffic at the exhibitor booth ensuring significant ROI.

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