SUPERPROMOTER ACADEMY Embrace the ENTHUSIASM Revolution, Superpromoter workshop, Workshop on Marketing, Workshop in Delhi, Workshop on superpromoterSUPERPROMOTER ACADEMY Embrace the ENTHUSIASM Revolution, Superpromoter workshop, Workshop on Marketing, Workshop in Delhi, Workshop on superpromoter


Ever felt enthused about anything in life? Sure, you must have. Rijn Vogelaar has chosen a positive route to kindle the hopes and aspirations of enthusiasts in treading the path of success and achieving the target.

Enthusiasm is a key driver for a company: from employees to customers alike!

Rijn Vogelaar, author of “The Superpromoter“, is conducting Enthusiasm Workshops across India this November.

The first one would be held at Crowne Plaza, Signature Tower, Gurgaon on November 24; ITC Grand Central, Parel, Mumbai on November 26 and ITC Sheraton Park, TTK Road, Chennai, on November 28.

You can buy your delegate pass and participate in the workshop.

Log on to and buy your ticket.

Superpromoter targets the corporates as also others who want to give a fillip to their organisation by encouraging human resources so that they would focus more on deliverance.

Vogelaar feels that organisations must divert more attention towards their most enthusiastic friends, The Superpromoters, by encouraging them to take your organisation to the next level by unveiling a new vision onmarketing, product development and business operations.

The organisations can not only overtake their competition, but prove their existence as irrelevant by adopting the newer strategies as explained in The Superpromoter.

The Superpromoter workshop lets you:


* Find, characterize and assist your superpromoters.

* Deepen your knowledge on Net Promoter Score

* Implement the Superpromoter principles in your organization.

The Superpromoter Academy meets the aspirations of all those who understand the power of enthusiasm. The enthusiasm that’s an in-built quality of any organisation or social group or even the authorities is harnessed and put to proper use with the knowledge imparted by Superpromoter Academy. Most organisations cannot spot the Superpromoters within their systems, though most of them feel that the staffers and the management are very familiar with the superpromoters.

Enthusiasm drives innovation in strategy development, human resources management, internal communication and also external communication. Apart from numerous other benefits, the “Superpromoters” also deal with the Enthusiasm trilogy — Flame, Flow and Flood.


Superpromoters are the driving force behind the success of every company, so one would assume that employees and management are very familiar with them. The reality is that most organizations suffer from a severe case of superpromoter blindness. In a world were social media is becoming more and more dominant it is all the more important to understand how the superpromoter can benefit your organization.

About Rijn Vogelar:



Rijn is an entrepreneur, speaker and bestselling author; spreading the virus of enthusiasm. He is the founder of the Superpromoter academy: a movement that takes enthusiasm as its guideline in order to change people, organisations and society in a positive way.

“When we understand the enthusiasm dynamics, it has considerable consequences for the way we run organisations. Work becomes more enjoyable, gives deeper satisfaction and has greater value for the surroundings.”

He believes that steering a course towards enthusiasm has a positive impact on the way people treat each other. If they understand these dynamics, it has considerable consequences for the way people arrange and run organizations.

In his book “The Superpromoter” Rijn Vogelaar explains how any organization can become more successful by marshaling its superpromoters. Companies should stop focusing so much on complaining customers and unsatisfied employees and spend more time with their friends, the Superpromoters!


Earlier in his career, Rijn was the CEO (Corporate Enthusiasm Officer) at Blauw Research. He is an expert in customer relations research, recommendation behavior and social networking. He studied social psychology and psychological methodology at the University of Amsterdam and Leeds University in the UK. He is chairman of the Research Quality Board in the Netherlands. After Graduation he fulfilled his military services as an applied researcher in the Social Sciences Department of the Dutch Royal Navy and thereafter as labor markets researcher and policy advisor at the Ministry of Defence.

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