Career Breakout Session

Career Breakout Session in Chennai

Career Breakout Session:

Knowing about Lema Labs is itself a source of inspiration. A group of youths, equipped with degrees from top-notch educational institutions in the country, launched the initiative. Lema Labs is a company by alumni of IIT and it works under the guidance of eminent professors of the IIT-Madras.

Well, Lema Labs, which works on emerging technologies and robotics, works with an undying spirit to develop an ecosystem by cobbling up the strengths of academics, students, educational institutions and industry.

Career Breakout Session

Deriving a cue from its core function, Lema Labs also offers training programs for professionals to help them identify their careers apart from offering courses in high technologies in robotics.

The company embarked on a mission of conducting a Career Breakout Session.The company has come forth to guide you on your way forward, if you are an engineering graduate and not sure on what to do next.If your interest lies in working with a technology startup, Lema Labs has the solutions that you can tailor-make for yourself.

Career Breakout Session

The company, incubated at IIT Madras Incubation Cell, is offering a two-hour career breakout session which is interactive and innovative too.

This is meant only for Engineering Graduates exclusively.

The session opens up new vistas in the thought process of the technology graduates and enables them to widen their horizons by spreading out the multiple avenues on the technical employment openings, the skill sets and effort you need to make to knock off these opportunities.The session throws light on Kaizen Careers which is a Lema Labs initiative on Robotics.

Career Breakout Session

An industry estimate pegged robotics and embedded systems would be USD 15- billion industry within India. The courses empower the students and organisations for their career growth through Kaizen Careers.

The charge for the event and they have a reason to do so. The company says: “This is an initiative purely to spread awareness among the interested candidates. We are charging a fee of INR 200 to provide students with refreshments, registration kit and to pay for the Venue. “

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