Run for Inclusion 2014

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Run for Inclusion 2014 – 27 cities:

Over 50,000 people in 27 cities in India and Sri Lanka and Nepal will come together to echo their feelings by joining the Run for Inclusion.Aptly christened, this run promotes among the fortunate a sense of compassion and support for and solidarity with the less fortunate fellowmen among the society.

Run for Inclusion 2014

It makes a genuine attempt to wipe out the feeling of being excluded or sense of isolation among those who feel oppressed and naturally depressed.This kindles hope largely among the deprived sections and elevates a sense of dignity, respect and social togetherness (inclusion).

The unfortunate sections targeted by Aide et Action-South Asia (AEA-SA) include destitute children, girl children, persons with physical disabilities, people migrated under duress, the unemployed youth and women.

Run for Inclusion 2014

The Run for Inclusion 2014 has an iron gut and steel resolve. It has chosen to raise funds through the registration process by encouraging participants and the proceeds of the run will be spent for accelerating the cause of social inclusion.

The Run for Inclusion would help provide access to quality education quality education for children among the poorer sections and also better employment opportunities for the youths from among the underprivileged sections of the society.

Run for Inclusion 2014

As the name suggests, the Run aims to promote dignity, respect and inclusion of the poor and excluded sections of our society especially the – children (particularly girl child), persons with disability, populations forced to migrate under distress conditions, unemployed youth and women.

Run for Inclusion 2014The AEA-SA is roping in local celebrities, athletes, corporates, government institutions and officials, persons of eminence in the civil society and also homemakers to take part in the Run for Inclusion to make it a big success.

The Run actually ensures inclusion of all the sections of society in supporting the cause of the ignored and the excluded. AEA-SA aims at reintegrating the hitherto excluded sections of society in a sustainable and dignified manner.

Check out the list of Cities where the Run for Inclusion 2014 is being organized.

The Run has a mission: To promote empathy and assertive actions within the society for ‘Inclusion’ of the excluded population.


To spread the message of ‘Inclusion’ through millions of runners and initiate positive actions.

Run for Inclusion 2014

The ‘Run for Inclusion’ lets you demonstrate your empathy and discharge your responsibility to mankind and the nation and eliminate imbalance, discord and disparity among people and build a healthy social fabric.Last year, it happened in over 20 cities on December 22 and it received a huge patronage from among people across several cities.

Run for Inclusion 2014

Why are you waiting? Now is the time to register for Run for Inclusion and participate in the run happening on November 23, 2014.

To register for the event please visit and select the city from which you would like to participate.


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