Rozana at Salar Jung Museum

Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival, Rozana at Salar Jung Museum from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm on November 14, 2014

Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival, Rozana at Salar Jung Museum from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm on November 14, 2014

Author : Preeti Sahu

While frantically searching for the key to lock the main door of her house, a woman, after passing through the rough and tumble of the morning chores, suddenly realizes that it’s a Sunday.

Rozana at Salar Jung Museum

Wowed by the very descent of such a pleasant thought wafting across her warm body, the woman heaves a sigh of relief. But, in retrospect, she bemoans as to why did she have to do all that only to stay put at home. And, what’s more, she is stung by a sense of remorse as Sunday is the only day she gets to rest.

In her rush to touch up with a little make-up to her hackneyed face, she applies rice flour. This is not intentional. It was just an accident. She confuses the flour with talcum powder. A quirky smile breaks on her lips, when she curses herself, heart of hearts, and her own foolishness.

Such funny, yet loaded, sequences form part of the mono-action of Usha Ganguly, who herself penned the powerful epigram, Rozana, and donned the grease paint on the dais.

Rozana at Salar Jung Museum

Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival 2014, which had already unfolded enthralling the drama connoisseurs in Hyderabad, has this pithy account of the daily rigmarole of a working woman. It is a frontal attack on a much-ignored social aberration to which the society has always deliberately remained blind.

It’s not the foolishness of the woman to do all those odd and hilarious acts. By force of habit, she gets ready to work on a Sunday morning. It’s by dint of pressure she chooses flour to talcum.

The ninth edition of Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival was kicked off with outstanding plays and performances by talented theatre artistes from across the globe lined up.

Rozana at Salar Jung Museum

Directed by Usha Ganguli (Kolkata)

Usha Ganguli, a popular Indian theatre director-actor and activist, will showcase one of her plays. She will premiere her new Rangakarmee’s production Rozana at Salar Jung Museum on November 14, 2014 as part of the Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival 2014.

Usha Ganguli is the director of Rozana. Rozana is a mono action, which Usha Ganguli herself would perform the solo act at Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival 2014 in Salar Jung Museum Auditorium Hyderabad on November 14.

Inspired by the work of Italian playwright and theatricians Franco Rame and Dario Fo’s titled “Waking Up”, this hour-long production in Hindi would shed light on the social condition and travails of working women.

Rozana at Salar Jung Museum

The mono action is generally known to be an expression of a trajectory of emotions, which puts life and art together in a nutshell. Usha Ganguli’s theatrical collaboration through the mono action would give us a popular approach to feminism.

Precisely, Rozana is about “A Day in the life of a factory worker named Maya, symbolic of every woman, humorous and insightful”.

In this mono action, Usha Ganguli as Maya depicts the everyday life of the lady by delivering a close touch to the original by the Franco Rame and Dario Fo.

Rozana at Salar Jung Museum

Maya appears to take the pursuit of decent work in a factory and providing care for her baby and husband in daily life. At the same time, she is attempting to hold the responsibility of her house, which is a challenge while working.

While the husband sleeps, Maya wakes up startled in the morning to get ready for another day at factory, when she also needs to prepare her baby ready for the creche. To this end, she starts panicking, wondering where the heck she placed her door key, exactly before she suddenly realizes that it’s a Sunday.

Rozana at Salar Jung Museum

In her bid to impale the foibles of the societal incongruence, she comes up with stellar performance on  the dais.

During this play, there are a few things that bring instant laughter, like when she confuses herself with the flour and powder, and her commentary on men’s obsession with football.

Rozana will surely bring a smile on to your face with its brief memories of romantic holiday and comic acts, leaving a lasting memory in your minds.

So, don’t miss this wonderful play on November 14, 2014, which would start from 7:30 p.m. and lasts till 8:30 p.m. Hurry and book now for Rozana at Salar Jung Museum Auditorium Hyderabad.

Preeti Sahu

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