Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014

Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014, Celebrating our She-roes

Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014, Celebrating our She-roes

Sheroes is a popular career destination for women in India, which connects the women professionals and businesses at a single stage. It offers India’s largest OpportunityScape for all the women, who are passionate about their career success and individual work-life fit.

Women, who are looking at various options for a breakthrough in their careers, Sheroes is the largest community with resources, mentorship and support. It brings the top-notch businesses that value women at work to help them associate with the talents and women professionals in the form of customers,  partners, employees and business owners.

Sheroes - Career Destination for Womens Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014
Sheroes – Career Destination for Women

Developing this unique approach, Naturals, India’s no.1 hair and beauty salon,will be presenting the largest Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014 for women professionals and business heads. Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014 has been scheduled to be held on December 22, 2014 at The Lalit.

Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014 is being organized with an opportunity for women professionals across levels, stages and sectors, which will have a discussion on issues that matter to women at work. Aimed at showcasing the achievements of extraordinary women who have made significant contributions, this event is also about recognizing and celebrating the respective to encourage the women professionals.

Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014 Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014
Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014

Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014 is an empowerment to the women in business and life, which offers various kinds of opportunity to draw attention to:

  • Learn about newer models of engagement shaping women at work
  • Check out how entrepreneurship is changing the game for women
  • Meet India’s most women-friendly organizations
  • Meet extraordinary achievers from entertainment, business and sports
  • Meet potential partners and stakeholders in your business
  • Celebrate the dreams and achievements of entrepreneurial businesses
Sheroes - Beyond Heroes Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014

Sheroes – Beyond Heroes

Through this professional event, Sheroes provide a platform that explores professional experiences of women, growth opportunities and stories for transformation. Packed with the best characteristics, Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014 facilitates myriad advantages, where you can:

  • Gaze into the Digital Futures – meet the best in business
  • Enroll for the Big Sister Mentor Program
  • Attend Business Plan and Showcase of women owned businesses
  • Nominate your everyday Sheroes – make their stories heard
  • Check out key diversity initiatives by companies
  • Set up meetings with partners
  • Win exciting prizes!

Sheroes members/ women professionals and corporate employees/ business heads can register for the Sheroes Summit Bangalore 2014. It offers limited seats. So, hurry and register now!

For group registrations please send a mail to care@sheroesin

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