Have a Safe and Soundless Diwali

Have a Safe and Soundless Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights is an occasion that spreads joy and happiness in the hearts of everyone across the country. While, the preparations for the festival with  shopping, decorating homes, distributing sweets and lighting up homes has already started off. here are a few things that could make this Diwali a special one for you and for everyone around. It is the time for joy, fun and revelry.

This festive season, we suggest you to look at Diwali in a different and eco-friendly manner. Try to focus is more on spreading the joy, love and laughter rather than on a wasteful, harmful and an inhumane festive revelry. Here are a few tips to celebrate Diwali in a fun-filled and eco-friendly manner.


Anciently, Diwali was celebrated, by decorating homes with handmade diyas and guests were treated with home-made sweets. However, things have changed over the years and people now opt to celebrate the festival in ways that do more harm than good. For instance, most of us opt to decorate their home with fancy electric lights, bursting crackers with annoying high sound levels.The home-made sweets have also been replaced by chocolates and other goodies available over the counter, which spoil our health.

These changes have been affecting not just our pockets, but also our health and environment. We don’t say that the festive spirit should not soften, but we should also make sure we keep the proceedings safe, sound and eco-friendly. But, the question arises how to do that ?

Here are five ways in which you can have an eco-friendly Diwali and also spread the joy and happiness.

Go natural:

Go natural | Have an Eco-friendly Diwali

Buy diyas, the earthen lamps traditionally used on the occasion of Diwali to light up your house. This would be a better alternative as it saves you on the huge electricity bills that come with the use of fancy electric bulbs that might also lead to an accident when it comes in contact with fire works. Also, this would be an ideal opportunity to showcase your decoration skills while you can pride yourself for promoting the ideology of “Make in India.”

2. Save animals:

Save Animals, Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali

Animals as we have learnt in school have the ability to hear sounds better, this adds to the pain and anguish they experience during Diwali as the loud noise of the crackers hurt their ear drums. Most animals also meet with fatal accidents from these crackers and some of them even get hit by vehicles as they try to run avoiding the crackers. So, be considerate to the fellow beings on the planet and let them also rejoice the festival by providing them shelter and food.

3. Cut out the noise:

Cut out the noise

Diwali is a festival of Lights, not of noise and pollution, so use these holidays as an opportunity to spend time with every beloved member of your family. Use this time to get together, share concerns or simply talk as most of us rarely get to spend time with the whole family together. When you do finally, we sure you want to hear their voices and not get deafened by noisy crackers.So, make sure that this Diwali you cut out the noise.

4. Adding colour:

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Crackers add noise and noise to the celebrations, so opt for a colorful celebrations rather than spending a fortune on crackers. You could try decorating your house with colorful Rangolis that add colour to the celebrations. Burst no crackers. Instead in the light of handmade earthen lamps make the biggest Rangoli in your neighbourhood with your kids and family members.

Celebrate with your Community:

Celebrate Diwali with your Community | Have an Eco-friendly Diwalli

Although Diwali is the biggest festival in the Hindu calendar, it is not seen as a community celebration, unlike Ganesh Chaturthi or Durga Puja, where people meet, greet and celebrate together. This Diwali, celebrate with your neighbours and see the joy increase by several folds while people from different walks of life come together celebrate the festival.

If you live in a multi-story apartment or a gated community try and organize a celebrations for the entire community with common decorations, lights, and also the worst case scenario where you decide to include crackers in your celebration try burning light emitting crackers (no sound crackers then also please). This will keep the community bonded and also make sure that only one area in complex gets strewn with litter of crackers hence easy to clean the next day.

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