Agile Carnival 2014

Agile Carnival 2014

Agile Carnival 2014: 2nd Scrum alliance Approved Scrum and Agile Event:

Agile Carnival 2014: 2nd Scrum alliance Approved Scrum and Agile Event is a two-day event that would be organized on November 22 and 23, 2014 in New Delhi. Approved, by Scrum Alliance and listed on the official events page as well and would have all the Agile and Scrum enthusiasts in Noida. The event would be an ideal opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded professionals working in Delhi – NCR. For practitioners of Scrum, Lean and Kanban, this forum provides an interactive platform to showcase their experiences, network and get exposed to various practices others are following.

Who should participate?

Agile Carnival 2014

As a participant at the Agile Carnival 2014, the delegates would get a glimpse of the future of Agile methods,discuss and deliberate with industry experts on using Scrum, Lean,etc.,for organizational development.


Not just for the practitioners, the Agile Carnival 2014 is an event for all those who wish to be a part of the Agile and Scrum eco-system. Beginners would get initiated into the Agile Philosophy and Scrum practices through various tutorials, workshops and case studies.


For an Agile team member, this would be an ideal opportunity to learn from the fellow practitioners and coaches on the tips to being an effective team member.

Agile Carnival 2014


Agile Carnival 2014 would be a platform for the executives to learn from coaches on guiding the organization to success using Scrum. This apart, the executives would also get to learn a few techniques that are needed for encouraging the team to be at the conference to learn and discuss their challenges and issues.

Scrum Master, Coach or Manager:

For a Scrum Master, Coach or Manager, the Agile Carnival 2014 would be the best platform to share their experiences through a session or open space. They would be able to contribute to a coaching clinic and be  part of the success stories of  the practitioners present at the event .

Agile Carnival 2014

Businessperson/ Entrepreneur:

As a Businessperson/ Entrepreneur, the Agile Carnival 2014 would be an opportunity to network with the agile community, explore business opportunities, showcase their brand and be the face of agile adoption.

Benefits of being part of the Agile Carnival 2014:

Agile Carnival 2014

CSMs/CSPOs — Get 15 SEUs under Category A that can be used for CSP certification.
Exposure to various topics related to Agile and its flavours.
Networking for further collaboration.

So, hurry and register now to be part of Agile Carnival 2014: 2nd Scrum alliance Approved Scrum and Agile Event, the biggest Scrum and Agile gathering in Delhi.

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