Fotothon 2014 in Mumbai is a real time photography competition

Fotothon 2014 in Mumbai is a real time photography competition

Fotothon 2014 in Mumbai, an Eco-folks Initiative

Author : Preeti Sahu

For photography amateurs and enthusiasts, having true passion to capture the reality, beauty and nature, here’s a tremendous photography competition, which is happening in Mumbai for 24 hours. Whatever your photographic genre may be, taking part in this real time open photography challenge is your chance to pick up a platform for meeting and networking with many other genre photographers and share your skills and knowledge.

Fotothon 2014 in Mumbai is taking place on December 13 and 14, 2014. Fotothon is a real time 24 hours photography competition for serious photographers who can understand the craft of taking pictures, as well as documenting and conceptualizing a story and idea respectively.

Fotothon 2014 in Mumbai

Fotothon 2014 in Mumbai

Fotothon gives participants, a chance to test their own creativity and photography skills. To capture and collect the best photos in your camera, participants can explore anywhere across India in the span of 24 hours. Once that done, they have to personally come to submit the photoshoot at Maharashtra Nature Park Society (MNPS).

Maharashtra Nature Park Society (MNPS) is the venue of Fotothon 2014 in Mumbai, which is located at Dharavi bus depot, Sion, opposite P.M.G.P colony. Here, what the participants need to do is to download and submit the number of photos in different categories before time limit ends. However, there is no limit for the number of photos to capture but there are various categories for participation in Fotothon 2014 in Mumbai and they are:

FOTO STORY:  A series of five photographs on narrating an environmental based issue that tests the participant’s skills, weaving out a story with the help of pictures and detailed descriptions through captions. The topic for Foto Story will be disclosed to the participants on the day of the event.

BEST PICTURE (Nature): SINGLE photograph under the category related to Nature and Environment.

BEST PORTRAIT: SINGLE photograph under the category.

BEST PICTURE (Mobile Phone): SINGLE image on a subject that will be announced on the day of the event.

Fotothon 2014 in Mumbai

Fotothon 2014 in Mumbai

Either, participants can choose one category of Fotothon to give the best work or multiple categories digitally enhancing the photography skills. To participate in the Fotothon 2014 in Mumbai, one needs to be of 16 years age and above. Hurry and register online now from our website!

Please note that this competition needs a digital camera of at least 5 megapixel and above.

Preeti Sahu

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