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Dandiya night

Navratri nine days of absolute joy and happiness


Navratri, the longest festival in the Hindu Calendar is celebrated in the honor of Shakti or the Goddess Durga in her nine different incarnations across the country. During the nine days of the Navratri, the nine forms of Shakti/Devi are worshiped and the celebrations end with a grandiose worship on...

The ninth day of navratri festival is also Ayudha Puja; worship of weapons & implements

The ninth day of navaratri is also Ayudha Puja


The ninth day of Navaratri festival is also Ayudha Puja; worship of weapons Ayudha Puja is the most awaited religious ritual of Navratri festival, which is observed on the Penultimate day or the ninth day of Navratri festival all over India, worshipping all sorts of weapons and implements. Why we...