Mistakes that are ruining your Dandiya event.

If anything can go wrong at your Event, it will | Dandiya Events

Here is how you can make sure you avoid these common pitfalls.

Murphy’s Law says: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The same applies even to your perfectly planned events where things that are bound to go wrong would surely go wrong. With grandiose dandiya events being organized across the country to cater to the patrons of this dance form, there is always a scope for the proverbial slip between the lip and the cup.

If anything can go wrong at your Event, it will | Dandiya Events

While some dandiya events are restricting themselves to just one day of the Navratri, there are many,which would go on for the nine days of the festival season. The crowd pullers are mostly the seasoned players who have been organizing dandiya events for several years now, due to the being a recognizable name in the events industry.

However, most of these organizers are failing to deliver and recreate the charm they had in the past, this year and are proving Murphy’s law to be true. The big brand name, extravagant venue, enviable line-up of artists all are proving to be futile due to some avoidable mistakes these organizers are committing.

Here are a few common mistakes that might be ruining your otherwise perfect event:

While the tickets are being sold online to make it easy for the guests to book passes online, there are little to no efforts being made to restrict the time up to which the tickets would be sold.Also, it is an appreciable effort to try and make the tickets be available from numerous sources,but constraints need to be imposed to ensure that the tickets are not being sold beyond the venue capacity.

If anything can go wrong at your Event, it will | Dandiya Events

When there are more tickets than the capacity being sold it automatically results in unrest as people would find it difficult to dance and have fun to their heart’s content. If the venue is packed beyond capacity and there are other miscellaneous arrangements that are taking away the place of the dance floor.

Well, it is obvious that a perfect dandiya events needs to have best quality music and a wonderful dance floor that would keep the guests high on energy. But then it might happen that the organizers overlook the fact and the venue gets cramped up with the music systems and other arrangements made at the venue, making it difficult for the guests to enjoy the event.

If anything can go wrong at your Event, it will | Dandiya Events

The problem in most cases does not begin after the guests enter the venue and start off mostly at the entrance. Wondering how? Well imagine your pre-registered guests struggling to get entry into the venue to obtain physical passes, while those who take it on the spot gain instant entry. This sure does not send a great message to your guests as people who planned their schedule severals days ahead to be a part of your event need to be given the first priority.

The organizers could probably switch to using a smart event check-in app like EasyTag to simply the guest check-in process along with that of on-spot registrations. EasyTag has in the past been an effective tool used by organizers of professional events and conferences to make the process of check-in and the on-spot registration a simplified task. Well the same could come of help even with entertainment events like concerts, new year parties and Dandiya nights as there would be a huge list of attendees coming to the event.

Mobile check-in apps for attendee check-in would make  it easy for the attendees as well as for the organizer as it makes it possible to keep a track of the check-ins made at any point in time.

This would also help the organizer to stop the on-spot check-in once the maximum capacity of the venue is reached. This way, the guests would get to have ample fun on the dance floor, without having to wait for several hours at the check-in counter. Use of an event check-in app like EasyTag would also help you keep a check on the gate crashers as a real-time update of the registrations and check-in can be made available on multiple devices.

Also, it is the responsibility of the organizer to ensure that proper parking facilities are made available at the venue and the guests do not have to fight to get a spot. It would also be ideal to have facilities of valet parking enabled at the venue to ensure that the guests spend the maximum time at the event rather than having to waste time on finding  a parking spot.

Treat your guests like a king and make them feel privileged to be associated with you so that they come back to you every time an event is being organized. For, in the event industry there are no loyal patrons unless the services are worth the loyalty, even a decade long presence cannot guarantee a repeat audience if the services offered do not meet the standards.

Once the start of an event is pleasant, the guests are going to accept the small inconveniences in a positive manner, so make sure you have a positive and a powerful start for your event. As you would only have to pay attention to smaller issues like availability of ample refreshments (which the guests would be willing to pay for), good quality of music, wonderful ambiance and proper security.

All these ensured, your dandiya event would sure be a success irrespective of your brand name or market presence, and stay assured that your event would go for a toss otherwise. In these cases, your brand name, artists performing,grandiose venue, market presence, nothing would help you save face. So, be careful and never take your guests for granted the next time you organize an event, if you wish to make it a success.

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