Precautions to take while organizing a Navratri dandiya event

Tips and precautions for hosting a perfect Navratri dandiya event:

Your dandiya event has always been a crowd-puller  and the bash and turns out to be a huge success every time with more people joining the celebration and pandal hopping each year. However, there might be a few things that could go wrong. For instance, the bright shimmering lights adding to the glow of the event might sparkle a power fluctuation causing a commotion among the guests.

Well, a lot more things could go wrong and ruin your otherwise well planned, perfect event. To help you save face and organize the perfect Navratri dandiya bash, here are a few precautions to take while organizing a Navratri dandiya event.

Power backup:

Precautions to Take while Organizing a Navratri Dandiya Event | Power Backup

Adequate lighting is the core element in the success of your dandiya event, be it an indoor or an outdoor dandiya bash. The guests would not like it if the venue is dark and they go around hitting people rather than tapping on the dandiya sticks that people are holding. However, a dim lit venue is acceptable and might be a good idea if you wish to romanticise the Garba Raas ambience.

Precautions to Take while Organizing a Navratri Dandiya Event | Power Backup

Dandiya being an event which is organized in the late evenings and goes on up to mid night it is essential that you have a reliable power back-up, to use in case of an unexpected power-cut.


Find the Décor that fits the theme of your dandiya event perfect, do not go for something fancy just because it seems attractive. Often furniture, which do not make the ambiance of the venue would seem unappealing to the guests. However, you could use the distracting decor in the sitting area, and deck it up with color gauze draperies in all the fascinating color combinations. Along with which you could also probably use attractive table cloths and golden covers (or any shade that suits your theme) on chairs. This would create a perfect ambience for the dandiya night without disturbing the guests on the dance floor.


Precautions to Take while Organizing a Navratri Dandiya Event

Dancing is sure to make your guests feel thirsty, so make sure you have an ample supply of water available for everyone. Although it is a good idea to sell packaged drinking water at the venue, it is also advisable to have a free water counter at the venue. This would ensure that the guests do not have to go through the pain of searching for the wallet in the middle of the celebrations.

Fire safety:

Precautions to Take while Organizing a Navratri Dandiya Event

Conduct a Fire Drill for Your Staff to Help the Guests in case of an Emergency

Although it is good to hope for the best to happen, it is better to be prepared for the worst to happen. Fire accidents are prone to take place in places like a Dandiya pandal because of the numerous lights being used and the heavy power consumption. make sure your venue is well equipped with fire safety measure and in case you are opting for a closed venue then make sure that the guests are informed about the emergency exists in the case of a mishap.

Alls well that ends well, with these precautions taken the right, we are sure that your dandiya event would stand out from the rest and would make a long-standing impact in the mind of the guests. Happy Navratri and stay prosperous with the blessings of the Goddess.

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