Share care and spread love this Navratri

Navratri festival

Share Care and Spread Love this Navratri with your less privileged friends:

Festivals are a time for celebration and were embedded into the culture of mankind to foster the habit of spending time with family, friends and loved ones. Not just the family time, these religious observances, be it Navratri, Ramadan or Christmas is a time when people refrain from the bad habits and try to indulge in behavior that would please the God, which can, in other words, be called as the good deeds.

Share Care and Spread Love this Navratri

These good deeds need not just be about refraining from your bad habits and addiction, it also seeks to promote the habit of sharing and caring for those who are less privileged than the rest of us. Every religion in some form preaches the need to share and care for mankind. For instance, during the month of Ramadan, Muslims are expected to indulge in the practice of alms giving referred to as Zakat, from an Arabic word which means both “to purify” and “to grow.”

This Navratri let the joy of the festival spread to every house and every heart and why not begin it with sharing a part of your festival buys with those who serve you every day, like your maid, colony security guard, milkman,etc., Charity begins at home after all right? So, get started with indulging in some sharing this festive season and spread the joy to all those around you.

Share Care and Spread Love this Navratri

Charity need not be just in the form of donating directly to the needy person as not all might be able to donate to someone although they wish to indulge in some good deeds, well here is when you could probably contribute to a fund raiser event or a charitable cause.

There are numerous fund raising activities that are organized across the country by numerous organizations for various causes, which means that a person can support any cause he likes without having to be a part of it directly. What more most of these fund raising events organize an entertainment event like a concert, stage show, etc., featuring renowned celebrities for the entertainment of the contributors.

Share Care and Spread Love this Navratri

This means that you could be a part of a fund raiser and be a good Samaritan, while also getting to be a part of an entertainment event. Wondering how you could find a fund raiser event this navratri, well your event search ends when you visit, which is the most comprehensive event listing and ticketing portal that also has numerous dandiya and Garba events listed for you this Navratri.

Among these Navratri Dandiya and Garba events there are several events that are aiming at raising funds for the society and its pinning causes like the Rotary Navratra Dandiya Raas 2014 in Pune, which is being organized by the Rotary Club of Uptown Charity Trust for different service projects like happy village, sanitary napkins to orphan girls, solar traffic signals and many more.

Share Care and Spread Love this Navratri

So, here is your chance to contribute for the nation, Share Care and Spread Love this Navratri by attending the fund raiser events organized in your city. Also make sure you help the children, senior citizens or animals  that you come across not just during the festival season, but always and also pass on the teachings to the next generation as it is high time that we think about leaving better kids for the planet rather than just worrying about leaving a better planet for our kids.

Happy Navratri, may the Goddess bless you with all the happiness and ability to Share Care and Spread Love to mankind. You can be a part of the fund raiser dandiya event in Pune, please visit

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