7 Must Try Navratri special dishes

7 Must Try Navratri Special Sweets You Must Try This Year

Festivals in India is synonymous with delicious food and sweets of all kinds and so is Navratri, what adds to the joy of Navratri to the foodies is that there are nine days of celebrations, meaning every day you would get to relish on a different kind of delicacy.

Here are few prominent Navratri specials dishes and sweets that you should probably try this year so that your taste buds do not feel deprived of the scrumptious non-veg.

7 must try Navratri special dishes to tingle your taste buds this festive season:

Motia pulao:

9 Must Try Navratri Special Sweets You Must Try This Year

Motia pulao

This pulao is a delicacy that everyone would relish and does not have any ingredients that need to be avoided during the season of Navratri. The specialty of motia pulao is the golden fried balls of paneer and flour in it, which is the reason for the long preparation time. Preparing this is dish is a time taking process. However, when you are done, you are sure to relish the taste, as this is among the best Indian rice recipes ever.

Kulhad ki Kheer:

9 Must Try Navratri Special Sweets You Must Try This Year

Kulhad ki Kheer

Samai rice and dry fruit kheer served in earthen bowls is called as Kulhad ki Kheer and is a special and traditional dessert that is prepared with rice and milk and served in earthen pots.

Bharwan Lauki

9 Must Try Navratri Special Sweets You Must Try This Year

Navratri Special Bharwan Lauki

Bharwan Lauki is a Rajasthani Dish, which is made out of Bottle gourd (or white pumpkin). It is a spicy gravy based dish that is stuffed with spicy paneer is tossed in a flavourful tomato based gravy. You can use boiled potatoes instead of paneer for the stuffing to make an altogether different recipe.

Kaju Katli

9 Must Try Navratri Special Sweets You Must Try This Year

Kaju Katli

The silver-topped and diamond shaped Kaju katlis are one of the special sweets which are relished during every Hindu festival and more so during Navratri.The indulgence, in Kaju katli is irresistible as the sweets made with cashew nuts, sugar,khoya, ghee and cardamom powder are a true delight for the foodies.

Saboodana Khichdi:

9 Must Try Navratri Special Sweets You Must Try This Year

Saboodana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is an easy snack and is a good recipe to be made during fasting days as it is an easy to prepare dish that is delicious if prepared the right way. Although the recipe is considerably easy, it takes an experienced person to get the  perfect texture in the sabudana pearls.

Allo Ka Raitha/ Vrat ka Raitha:

9 Must Try Navratri Special Sweets You Must Try This Year

Aloo Ka Raita

Allo Ka Raitha is a dish made out of mashed boiled potatoes, curd, green chilly and garnished with chopped coriander. This raita is very delicious and can be tried with rice, dal or with curries and can be a perfect choice during the fasting season as it contributes to balancing the calorie needs.

Motichoor Laddu:

9 Must Try Navratri Special Sweets You Must Try This Year

Motichoor Laddu

An easy to prepare, scrumptious sweet, Motichoor Laddu is the most popular delicacy in the country, which is preferred by many during the festival seasons. Motichoor Laddu is the  ideal sweets to offer in Prashad as well as to the guests visiting you during the Navratri as they would love it for sure.

Ingredients to avoid during Navratri Vrat (Fasting) are as follows:

1. Onion and garlic are to be avoided strictly . If you find any recipe in a food blog which has onion and garlic then skip adding them. So, here is a good news, most vrat recipes make use of curd and ginger.
2. No lentils and legumes.
3. Common salt is not used and instead rock salt or sendha namak also called as upvaas ka namak is used.
4. Turmeric (haldi), asafoetida (hing), mustard (sarson or rai), fenugreek seeds (methi dana), garam masala and dhania powder (coriander powder) are not allowed.
5. Alcohol and non-vegetarian food is strictly no during this holy period.


And well, if you are a foodie who looks forward to festivals and celebrations, just  for the wonderful delicacies that would be dished out, we should probably suggest you to head to a few Dandiya Events in your city, as most of them have food stalls set up, which serve authentic festival food. So that you would be able to take advantage of the wonderful entertainment and delicious food all at one place.

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