Challenges for start-ups: Which way to look

Challenges for Start-ups: Which Way to Look

How does a startup company take off? What are the geographical, historical and political circumstances that results in the success of a startup? Political circumstances do not have anything to do with the political parties. It has a different sense: how much favorable the political policy is to encourage the startup culture? What are the socio-economic conditions.

Challenges for the Start-ups: Which Way to Look

A workshop is being organized at Neptune Hall in The Park hotel, Beach Road, Visakhapatnam, on October 11 from 9.30 am.Entrepreneurs and aspirants can register immediately, before the tickets are sold, out. Make the best of the opportunity.

An expert panel, which has hands-on knowledge of the nitty-gritty of the startup culture, will dwell at length on the pertinent issues related to the various problems confronted by startups.The startup cultures in the developed world and third world countries are polls apart.

Challenges for the Start-ups: Which Way to Look

Those in the developing nations have a peculiar set of problems. When in it comes to India, which has diverse cultures and languages, it is altogether different.Seed investment, concept, scalability, team, equipment, office, market, customer-base, gestation, requirement of Angel funding, are all the nuances that entail a startup.

The entrepreneur’s challenges include a variety of issues. Effective interpersonal skills resolves a lot of problems, though it is not the only solution for all the problems.The topics covered in this workshop on “The Challenges for Startups – Which way to look” are very different from the run of the mill programs.It focuses on Finance, Team, Branding and Business Development that largely addresses all the issues.

Challenges for the Start-ups: Which Way to Look

1. Finance:
How does a startup look at the finance option? Is it at the seed level? The amounts that come in at the seed level are barely sufficient for any business. The next round would be angel funding. This is a crucial chunk for sustainability and growth of the business.
The way forward could be another round of Angel funding depending on the project size and investment required. Most entrepreneurs are stuck at this level, They would not know where to go for funding. A large number of them don’t even know about the various steps involved in Series A and Series B funding and the exit route.
How a venture capital fund looks at the startup and how a private equity looks at it. Who among the PE and VC is more diligent about the clean records and who tilts towards the success of the project and possible RoI.
These issues would be addressed in the workshop.

Topic Title: Finance: How a Startup could Raise, Structure and Augment it?

2. Team:

The team is central to any startup, for an investor comes forward only if the team if promising. Capabilities individually and collectively play a vital role in the startup establishment.
Role clarity on who would do what, defining the tasks, recruitment process, team size, sharpening of skills, and HR policies, interpersonal skills do play a very key role in the startups.

Topic Title: Build a Team that makes your Startup a SuccessChallenges for the Start-ups: Which Way to Look

3. Branding:
Branding is very important for any service or product being put out for commercial advantage by a start-up. Ideas on how to brand the service/product are dime a dozen. How well an entrepreneur plans out his product or service to reach out to the target audience is pivotal to the success of the venture. And, a large expenditure goes into branding and marketing of the output.Challenges for the Start-ups: Which Way to Look

How much is large expenditure and how much the company can afford to spend without stressing itself has to be very meticulously planned. This is very important. Also, the entrepreneur should always trust in the concept of ‘more-from-the-same’ and ‘same from the less’ in terms of branding and marketing. Where to brand? and Who are the target groups? The domain experts would spread this knowledge and awareness among the entrepreneurs.

Topic Title: Turning Your Start-up into a Brand

4. Business Development:
While Funding, Hiring and Branding are the areas of expertise of the entrepreneur, business development essentially will have to come from a concerted team effort.How strong is the business development team is reflected on the penetration levels of the product into the markets.

Challenges for the Start-ups: Which Way to Look

Customer acquisition, sustaining the customers, ensuring repeat customers, market swings, and scaling up of businesses, taking a calculated risk of business enhancement are all involved in the growth of a startup venture.Experts would throw light on the following topic.

Topic Title: Acquiring, Retaining & Increasing the Customer Base: Insights for Start-ups


Who are the Speakers?

Dr. Parakala Prabhakar
Communications Advisor to Govt of Andhra Pradesh . Hyderabad
Dr. Parakala Prabhakar is a Ph.D from the world renowned London School of Economics(LSE). He did his Master’s Degree and M.Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, In addition to his academic accomplishments, Dr. Parakala is a well-known public discussion programmes on reputed television channels and enriched the public discourse in the state.

Challenges for the Start-ups: Which Way to Look

Mr. Sunil Mehta
Sr. Vice President and Area Systems Director- Central Asia, JWT
Topic Title: Turning Your Start-up into a Brand
Mr. Sunil Mehta serves as Senior Vice President and Area Systems Director for Central Asia at JWT and as a Member of Editorial Advisory Board – India of TechTarget, Inc.

Mr. John Thangaraj
Head HR, Essilor India Ltd
Topic Title: Build a Team that makes your Startup a Success
Mr. John Thangaraj is the current serving Head of Human Resources at Essilor India. He holds an M.A from Madurai Kamaraj University and he has served as a HR Manager at DHL Worldwide Express, Vice President – HR at Thomas Cook India Ltd. He has also served as a Regional HR Manager at AFL PVT LTD and as a partner at Talent Epicenter.

One domain expert will address one session which will have a 30-minute lecture and 45-minuter interaction over Q&A and group discussions would be the method of the workshop.

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