Rabbi Shergill Live in Concert

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Rabbi Shergill’s sufi pop – Fusion to enthrall Delhi music-lovers:

With his magical music, Rabbi Shergill (originally Gurpreet Singh Shergill) cast his spell on music-lovers ever since he released his Bulla Ki Jaanaa song in 2005. While his debut album in 2004 gave him his name, he has an array of styles in his music.

Rabbi Shergill’s musical styles include sufi (sufiana), semi-Sufi, Punjabi with bani melody style, and rock. Besides, his music also has a lot of western instruments and styles making him the urbane Punjabi balladeer.

Rabbi Shergill live in concert

He initially formed a college music band Kafir which performed in contests and fetes. However, following the launch of his maiden album, his chart-topper song Bulla Ki Jaana, authored by Baba Bullesh Shah, a Sufi mystic.
Shergill is not only a musician, he is a lyricist himself authoring and composing most of the songs in his albums. Shrgills has sung love and desire in his new song Maen Peeti Si Raat (I Drank the Night) .

Rabbi Shergill live in concert
He heavily associated his music with Punjabi, which was known for Bhangra or traditional folk, to generate songs based on Rock music. This changed the whole perception over Punjabi music. Adapting himself to the latest tastes of his target audience, Shergill establishes a perfect connect with his listeners. And, that has a reason: his poetry is replete with philosophy, and some completely-forgotten Punjabi phrases which are easily woven into his rock-style music.Rabbi Shergill live in concert

In a way, Shergill’s music is contemporary and also classic. The social issues like collective morality, social responsibility and communal violence found place in his lyrics in his second album Avengi Ja Naheen, released in 2008. MTV Unplugged (India) is one of the most popular show in which he appeared in 2011 and Shergill was heard all over through a leading number in Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan , a romantic flick in 2012, under the composition of A R Rahman for the lyrics of Gulzar.

Shergill’s undying thirst for music got him to release his third album, III, in which award-winning mix engineer Gustavo Celis helped him in some sound tracks.Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmithand Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin are Shergill’s favourite musicians.

Rabbi Shergill live in concert
Organizer’s name – Nucon events
Event Date & Time – September 13 2014, 7:00pm 10:00 PM
Event Venue  – Weightlifting Indoor Auditorium, Nehru Stadium, New Delhi.

Event duration – 2 hrs

Would I be allowed in case I am late for the show –  yes (but strictly before 8:00 PM)
Are children allowed for the event (specific age to enter) – no bar
Age limit to buy a ticket – No bar.
Over all Capacity of the Auditorium/Stadium – 2100 pax

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