Leading by Example

Discover the Leader in You:

Leading by example, lead from the front, and leadership is a responsibility. All these are by now cliches. So what, one has to discover the leader within himself.

Leading by Example
The one-day workshop will help you “Discover the Leader in You” to become successful in your life. You will understand the steps to become successful and  how you can leverage your success to show leadership.
After all, as a grown up son or daughter in a family, leadership befalls them. And, it is so natural that they don’t even know. As a young father or mother, husband or wife, one automatically shoulders the onus of being at the helm of the family.

Mix of natural and acquired qualities
Leadership traits are all over. Some are inborn and some are acquired. Not all leaders are born, nor are all leaders made. Every best leader, who understands to learn his own strengths and pitfalls, easily catapults himself into a leadership role.

There is now way lethargy and leaving things to chance pay off. Hard work may not pay always rich dividends, but will surely never go waste. Patience and persistence do shower benefits. But one has to hold on to the situation.

Leading by Example
Take for example, the Abraham Lincoln story. He had seen too many failures in life and work, only to succeed at the end to scale to the dizzier height of becoming the President of the United States of America.

It’s not just individuals

Leadership in multiple spheres is an interesting phenomenon. It is not always individuals or institutions that lead. The US dollar leaders in the global currency. It sets the benchmark: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is set to buy dollars to maintain its activity.

Leading by Example
If Sania Mirza made it to the top with her partner in the US Open, winning the third grand slam, it is just the unwavering leader within herself that gifted her the iron will and steel resolve to win. M S Dhoni owned up responsibility to the loss in the T20 cricket match and demonstrated his leadership quality.

So discovering the leader within is not a Herculean task, but at the same time it isn’t easy either.One’s leadership defines the rise and fall of an institution or an activity or a task.

Turbulent times are the challenges and tough economy poses a serious challenge. Honing leadership skills is the only way through which one can stay afloat in their respective careers. One has to pick up t he skills that would enable a leader rise in ranks, handle challenging situations, effective delegation, diligent and smart way of working, and providing tailor-made solutions that customers would require.

Leading by Example

About the coach:
Breaking the shackles of his work sphere, Arham, a former IT staffer, went “Against the Grain”, as he proclaims, in order pursue his passion on people mentoring leadership Development. This made him a Best Selling Author in Amazon.com, an award Winning Social Entrepreneur  in India for his initiative L.E.A.D & a Dynamic LEADership Coach at BSCN a global network of Business and Success Coaches.

Arham mentors professionals on development of leadership skills among individuals and enable them scale up in life and make a difference. Arham’s book on success & personal growth have been endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith – one of Top 10 business thinkers in world. Arham is also a Mentor for Startup Entrepreneurs at Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship. He is also the Centre Head of the finishing school in Bangalore called Life Bridge.

Who should Attend:
First Time Managers
Project Managers
Project leaders / Consultants
People managers
Midlevel Managers
Sr Managers
Software Engineers
Individual Contributors
Leading by Example
Take aways
Discover the inner leader in you
Inspire, Influence and mentor your team to get best results
Learn how to introduce change in your team behavior
Understand the leadership ladder and climb it
Develop qualities that will help you rise up as a leader
Develop the leader in you in our time tested methodology and become successful
Self – Analysis to find out your strengths and goals

Topics Covered 
12 steps to become successful
Discovering and Developing the  leader in you
Charting your career vision &  living your Values
Understand and climbing the Leadership Ladder
Developing a leaders Influence
Goal Setting process

Training will be instructor led, activity based and interactive mode of learning.

A Saye Sekhar

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