Vel Anmol Time Management Seminar in Marathi

Vel Anmol Time Management Seminar in Marathi

Vel Anmol – Time Management Seminar In Thane in Marathi:

Time Management – an art that needs to be mastered by all, yet only a handful of them put it to practise. Vel Anmol, a renowned trainer, is gearing up to transform the lives of people in Mumbai by helping them master the art of Time Management this September with a one day workshop in Thane on Time Management.

Organized by the Searchlight Within, the one day seminar would take place on September 14, 2014 at Hotel Alka, Opp. Ashok Talkies, Thane and would feature the renowned time management guru, Shailesh Tandel guiding the participants in the effective ways of managing time for improved productivity.

Vel Anmol Time Management Seminar in Marathi

To ensure that the reach of this valuable workshop reaches everyone and helps people sans any language barriers, the Vel Anmol Time Management Seminar would take place in the regional language, i.e.,Marathi.

Time Management is a skill, which draws the thin line that influences productivity and efficiency. This one-day workshop Time Management Seminar ‘VEL ANMOL’ In Marathi would train the participants to develop the skill of planning out their time effectively and to handle uncertainty of life and staying committed to the higher purpose of life.

Topics that would be covered at the workshop would include,the much needed tips of overcoming the habit of procrastination, while also helping the participants master the art of managing time in a much more efficient manner.

Vel Anmol Time Management Seminar in Marathi

-Overcoming procrastinations- चालढकल आणि टाळाटाळा हद्दपार
-Directions of life- आयुष्याच्या दिशा.
-Clarity on the purpose- आयुष्याची स्पष्ट संकल्पना
-Importance of goal setting- ध्येय एक स्फुर्तीस्थान
-Handling pressure, Stress and conflicts- #ताणतणाव आणि #दडपण #हाताळणे
-Balancing all the aspects of life- मन शांत परंतु ध्येयावर केंद्रित
-Importance of TimeManagement- #वेळ #व्यवस्थापनाचे महत्व (#टाईम मँनेजमेंटचे मह्त्व).
-Obstacles of time management-#वेळ #व्यवस्थापनातील अडचणींवर मात (#टाईम मँनेजमेंट मधील अडचणींवर मात).

Who Should Attend?

Vel Anmol Time Management Seminar in Marathi

Time management is a skill that needs to be mastered by all, which is why this one-day seminar is open for everyone to attend, while it would be all the more productive for Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Business Owners, Professionals, Students, Managers, Executives, Home Makers, Employees, Retired etc.

So, hurry and book your slot now as the seats are filling fast, and in case if you are not convinced about attending the workshop, here is a sneak peek into what you could expect to learn at the Vel Anmol Time Management Seminar in Marathi.

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