THINK BEYOND 1 Day Workshop By Harish Mehta

THINK BEYOND 1 Day Workshop By Harish Mehta at The Club Mumbai:

THINK BEYOND 1 Day Workshop By Harish Mehta  at The Club Mumbai:

The Indian Speakers Bureau, which is renowned for the premier speaker bureau that is based in India and endeavours to offer access to all the talented speakers from across different fields. The Indian Speaker Bureau is now all set to organize a one day workshop by Harish Mehta and would seek to equip the participants with the ability to outperform the expectations and deliver beyond the best.

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Harish Mehta, is an executive coach and renowned speaker and would host this signature program, which would evaluate the participants and equip them with the necessary tools to deliver beyond expectations and to become a successful leader.

The workshop is ideal for all the leaders, key decision makers, decision makers and all the individuals who wish to succeed in life.Post the workshop, the participating professionals would be able to reinvent themselves into achieving sustainable growth that would enable them to achieve their goals effectively.

Key Learnings at the Workshop:

THINK BEYOND 1 Day Workshop By Harish Mehta  at The Club Mumbai:

• To eliminate negativity and fill positivity

• Stress reduction

• Manage Perceptions

• Enhance People Skills

• Tools to achieve goals and upgrade life

• Communication to attract favorable response

• Effective use of law of attraction for professional and personal life

• Creative thinking

About Harish Mehta:Hairsh Mehta

Harish Mehta is a certified executive coach and a renowned speaker who has over 35 years of industry experience and has been working in a Senior Management Role for several years now.

This adds to his experience of leading a team,the knowledge of which might be helpful for the participants at the THINK BEYOND 1 Day Workshop By Harish Mehta  at The Club Mumbai on September 5th, 2014.

Register now and learn how to excel and outperform in your life as you pave your way to success.

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