Delhi Retail Summit (DRS) 2014

Delhi Retail Summit (DRS) 2014

Delhi Retail Summit (DRS) 2014 by the Retailers Association of India:

The Eros Hotel, Delhi would transform as the venue for the biggest gathering of the Retailers in the country as the National Capital Region would play host for the Delhi Retail Summit (DRS) 2014. Organized by the Retailers Association of India (RAI), the summit would be a platform to  foster new retail bonds,while strengthening the existing ones.

The Delhi Retail Summit (DRS) 2014 would serve as a meeting point for all the professionals working in the industry and would act as the common networking ground among the industry pioneers, retail experts, and the retail leaders along with the new entrants.

Delhi Retail Summit (DRS) 2014

The Delhi Retail Summit (DRS) 2014 would not just foster networking and build relationships, but would also enable knowledge sharing and enhance the understanding of the retail industry for all the participants.

About Retailers Association of India (RAI):

Established and operating with the mission to unite and provide a common platform for all the retailers from across the country and foster the bond among retailers, the RAI has been consistently involved in organizing Meetup events and conferences at regular intervals.

Delhi Retail Summit (DRS) 2014

RAI, not just fosters networking, but also acts as a platform to debate, brainstorm and derive innovative solutions to the problems experienced by retailers. The current edition, Delhi Retail Summit (DRS) 2014 by the Retailers Association of India is one such meet up session,which seeks to bring together the industry pioneers and the prospective retailers under one roof to discuss the present situation of the retailers in the constantly changing economical conditions.

Delhi Retail Summit (DRS) 2014

The Delhi Retail Summit (DRS) 2014 by the Retailers Association of India is being organized on the theme “Transcending Boundaries: Retailing Across the Nation,” and would ignite some quality discussions among the participants. So, if you are a retailer, or wish to be one, make sure you are a part of this congregation,which is all set to take place on August 28, 2014 from 9:30 am – 6:00 pm at the Eros Hotel, New Delhi.

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