Indian Run 2014 in Chennai

Indian Run : A Thematic Walkathon in Chennai:

“India” – the nation that lives by the example of “Unity in Diversity” and has been setting a strong example of how a nation can march in the path of progress irrespective of the differences in the population as long as they strive to achieve success as one entity.

The Indian Run : A Thematic Walkathon in Chennai is an event, which would foster this sense of unity in mankind by uniting the citizens in an event, where they would march together as one entity that supports the cause they feel close to their heart.

Indian Run : A Thematic Walkathon in Chennai | Indian Run 2014 in Chennai

Designed on the theme Unity in Diversity, the participants at the Indian Run 2014 in Chennai would be tied together with other participants and they would have to walk the distance of the walkathon.

The participants would be dressed in the colors of the Indian Flag, i.e., Saffron, White and Green where each color would symbolize a particular cause. In the middle of this tied procession would be a team of volunteers who would be holding the “Ashoka Chakra” and walk along with the participants.

The entire event would be video graphed from a top angle making it seem like the National Flag Marching forward. The Indian Run 2014 in Chennai is a charity event, which would seek to raise funds for the charitable causes that the nation is facing as prominent challenges in the path of development.

Each of the color flag is chosen to depict one charitable cause that it supports and all the funds raised through the participant registration would be transfer for that cause.

The causes that the event seeks to support are as follows:

Indian Run : A Thematic Walkathon in Chennai | Indian Run 2014 in Chennai

Indian Run : A Thematic Walkathon in Chennai


For supporting the cause of the specially abled (disabled) people in the society, by paying a tribute to their bravery and courage of battling against all odds and leading a life on par with the rest of the world.


This category aims to support women and help them fight against the numerous atrocities that they are being subjected to across the country. This would be an attempt to vouch support for the prevention of such acts and thereby restore peace.


The third category is a run for the planet earth and would support the cause of “Go- Green.” This category is therefore an initiative to make the nation a green and litter free one.

Indian Run : A Thematic Walkathon in Chennai

Here is your chance to be a part of the First Ever Thematic Walkathon in Chennai and contribute towards the most charitable causes of the nation.

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