Present to Impact Seminar in Bangalore

Present to Impact High Impact Public Speaking Workshop

Present to Impact High Impact Public Speaking Workshop in Bangalore:

Public Speaking is rated among the most popular fears in the world and is known as Glossophobia or speech anxiety. Although there are many ways in overcoming this fear to become a good orator, very few take  the lead to address the issue. If you are among those who experience  Glossophobia or speech anxiety then here is your chance to evolve as an impressive speaker on a public domain. Not, just for those who are scared of addressing a group of audience, the workshop Present to Impact Seminar in Bangalore is also ideal for those who wish to hone their skills.

As the name suggests, the Present to Impact High Impact Public Speaking Workshop in Bangalore would be the ideal place to head to, if you wish to master this art of addressing a large group. Present to Impact is a one-day workshop for people to discover their latent speaking skills, start speaking in public and more importantly start having fun while speaking!

Present to Impact High Impact Public Speaking Workshop

What Can You Learn?

Key benefits and learning points from this workshop.

  • Improve your self-image by adopting new behaviors
  • Learn the power of posture and gesture to exude confidence [ Emotion follows Motion]
  • Leveraging voice to influence emotion and connection with your audience
  • Animating and Dramatizing to sizzle your speech
  • Varying sentence structures to captivate the audience
  • Including Pauses to create curiosity and understanding
  • Know the purpose of your speech: Begin with the end in mind!
  • Organizing a formal speech – Opening, Body and Ending
  • Harnessing the power of questions, quotes, stories and facts
  • How to talk on any topic using PROBE technique?
  • Effective use of PowerPoint as a messenger (you are the message!!!)
  • Each participant will prepare (certainly with assistance) and deliver 3-5 short talks
  • Video Recording of each speaker during the session (shared on dropbox)
  • Video Playback for group review and collective learning
  • Top 3 videos of the session will be uploaded on YouTube to go viral! The more people watch your video, the stronger you will believe in your speaking skills.

All this and much more is in store for the participants heading to this knowledgeable workshop.

Present to Impact High Impact Public Speaking Workshop

Who Can Attend?

If you are wondering whom this Present to Impact High Impact Public Speaking Workshop is aimed at, then well, it can be attended ideally by anyone who wishes to improve their public speaking skills, but is more specific for:

  • Sales and Marketing Professionals who want to be spontaneous and impactful speakers.
  • Graduate students who are entering the corporate world.
  • Trainers and Professors who want to make an impact with their talks.
  • Entrepreneurs and Business owners who want to connect with their audience.
  • Working professionals/Managers/Project Managers who want to enhance speaking skills.
  • Senior Executives and Leaders who want to be dynamic speakers.

So, whats are you waiting for? Hurry and register for the Present to Impact High Impact Public Speaking Workshop in Bangalore and emerge as a prominent speaker ready to take onto the stage and make an impressive speech.

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