5 Technologies Every Event Organizer Should Know About

5 Technologies Every Event Organizer Should Know About

Organizing an event? Well here are 5 Technologies that you should know about to ensure you organize a successful event. Staying aware of the  trends is always a good way to know what event attendees may expect from you if you are planning to organize an Event.


Organizing an Event happens well ahead of the actual event and starts off with finding the ideal venue,which meets all your requirements, ranging from the budget, guests size, seating preference, location, facilities, etc. Setting out on a search for a venue with all these requirements can be a tough task. Well not any more!

As the Venues.MeraEvents.com is here to help you find the perfect venue for your event. The most comprehensive venue search platform that it promises to be, it has a comprehensive listing of venues from across various cities to suit the needs of everyone.


Once you have found the venue based on your budget and have your event ready, it is time that you do something to get your event noticed by those for whom you are organizing it. Yes, it is the time to promote your event, to an audience that would be interested.

MeraEvents.com is a portal that serves as the nation’s best event listing, promotions and ticketing platform, which can give your event the much needed reach and would also help you sell tickets with no additional effort.


Once the registrations are done and your event is good to go, it is time for you to ensure that you (i.e., event organizer), delegates, sponsors,etc., are on the same page with regard to the event agenda and a printed agenda or an email might not come handy as there would be numerous edits and passing it out to everyone might be a painful task.

Use an event networking app, like Moozup to help you simplify this task of updating everyone associated with the event on the go, with a mobile event agenda. Not just this you could also generate innovative event related discussions and foster networking before, during and after the event.


Printing out Brochures and other sales collaterals have become an integral part of every event, not just for the organizers, but for the associated sponsors as well. But, this would increase the use of paper, printing and logistics cost, etc.

Well Digibroc, can come handy in this case as it seamlessly reduces the cost of printing collaterals by taking your collateral to the hand of the target person. Acting as a smart substitute for the conventional brochure distribution, Digibroc mobilizes catalogs and brochures and facilitates sending personalized brochures.


Easy Tag

After all the days of planning and activity, the event day has finally arrived and your guests are ready to enjoy the event, they are encountered by a long queue, which sets off a negative mood as nobody would want to stand in a line after having paid for the ticket online already.

But, you stay helpless flipping through bundles of paper trying to spot the name of the attendee, as EasyTag, the smart event check in app would make the attendee check in process happen at a lightening pace. EasyTag allows you to Check-In attendees on multiple devices simultaneously and avoids the duplicate work.

All these and many more innovative event solutions are being offered by Versant Online Solutions,which serves as the one stop solution provider for all event based needs. So, the next time you plan to organize an event, do not forget to visit http://versantonlinesolutions.com/.

Versant Online Solutions

Versant Online Solutions

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