The Deadly Sins – Andaaz (Weekend Theatre Festival)

The Deadly Sins - Andaaz ( Weekend Theatre Festival )

The Deadly Sins – Andaaz (Weekend Theatre Festival):

Seven talented artists, Rajneesh Gautam, Prateek Harne, Anuj Chikara, Danish Hassan, Neeraj Mishra, Satendra Singh, Namita Verma, would be bringing together a flawless performance in Delhi as a part of the Andaaz (Weekend Theatre Festival), where they would be performing a play based on the Seven Cardinal Sins as mentioned in the Bible.

The Deadly Sins - Andaaz (Weekend Theatre Festival)

The Deadly Sins – Andaaz (Weekend Theatre Festival) is a Christian Mythological Thriller, which would bring to life the Seven Deadly sins that the God had asked man to stay away from the avoid the pangs of suffering in Hell.

About The Deadly Sins:

Every mortal is born on earth is bound to sin, with the exception of Jesus Christ, and these sins are said to take mankind away from the God Almighty who is holy. However, the bible mentions about seven sins that are to be avoided as they are “deadly.”

The seven deadly sins according to the Bible are as follows:The Deadly Sins - Andaaz (Weekend Theatre Festival)

  1. Pride

  2. Envy

  3. Gluttony

  4. Lust

  5. Anger

  6. Greed

  7. Sloth


The Deadly Sins – Andaaz (Weekend Theatre Festival) would be a theatrical depiction of these seven sins by the lead cast. The play would revolve around the two central characters, i.e., Anthony and Luc Salvatore throughout the play, where Mr. Luc Salvatore gives a choice to Anthony to either die or to listen to the six stories of the sins he had committed in his life.

According to Luc, Anthony is the perfect sinner and has the potential to become his true ally. The bottom-line of the play is that evil exists not only when you commit it, it also exists when you fail to act, i.e., when you fail to do the right thing or stand up for the right thing.

The Deadly Sins – Andaaz (Weekend Theatre Festival) play is a part of the theater festival and would be taking place at the Fraser Suites – Plot No 4A,District Centre, New Delhi on August 8, 2014 from 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm. So, hurry and book your passes now for this fun filled Christian mythology thriller play.

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