Renewable Energy India 2014

Renewable Energy India 2014

As the World is depleting the loss of natural resources, policy makers, scientists and organizations have been turning towards the natural reserves for alternative means of resources, which are renewable. As the use of renewable resources would be a more feasible option for facilitating sustainable development of the nations.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy India 2014

Renewable Energy refers to all the naturally available sources of energy on earth like Sun, Water, Air, etc., which are resources that can be recurred over a period of time naturally. For instance, imagine switching to the use of Sun (Solar Energy) for heating things up rather than depending upon fossil fuels like electricity or gas that might eventually go out of availability.

Renewable Energy India 2014:

The Renewable Energy India 2014 is a summit,which would seek to probe on the various advantages and utilities these resources in a developing nation like ours and how this might contribute to the sustainable development of the nation down the line.

The renewable energy conference,which would be taking place at Delhi would be organized by the UBM and seeks to accelerate the growth of the Indian renewable energy sector by offering sustainable development opportunities to businesses in this industry.

The summit would be the 8th edition of the event and would have in attendance over 500 Exhibitors, 12,000 Trade Visitors, 1000 Conference Delegates from across the globe, Country Pavilions, Workshops and Multiple Conferences Sessions.

Renewable Energy India 2014

The event, in short would bring together all the key decision makers, technical experts, professionals and influencers from across leading organizations working in the field of renewable energy generation, transmission and distribution from across the world under one roof at the India Expo Centre,Noida.

Regarded as Asia’s nerve centre for the renewable energy industry, REI is a platform that could be used to illustrate innovative technological solutions for any fundamental challenges this sector faces. The previous editions of the Renewable Energy India Summit was successful and was received with great reverence from the industry members as there were numerous opportunities for the participants to network, interact and benefit from the knowledge sharing that took place.

This year the Renewable Energy India 2014 is sure to be bigger and better, so here is what you can gain by attending the Renewable Energy Summit happening in Delhi.

Highlights of the Indian Renewable Energy Market:

Renewable Energy India 2014

  • India is the most developed renewable energy market in South Asia, with annual revenues of about USD 185 billion.
  • The demand-supply gap in power at 10.3 percent is one of the key drivers of renewable energy.
  • India has been attracting over USD 3 billion investment every year in renewable sector
  • JNNSM Phase II aims at 10 GW Grid Connected and 1 GW Off Grid Installations by 2017
  • Roof Top Market has potential of 4 GW of installations according to KPMG as Solar is approaching grid parity
  • Diesel Replacement Market driven by economics has 2 GW Potential (KPMG)
  • Captive, RPO and REC Market, Accelerated Depreciation Market has 2.5 GW Potential (KPMG)
  • State Level Policies like Tamil Nadu Policy targets 3 GW installations up to 2015
  • Multiple knowledge-packed interactive conference sessions
  • High-level workshops
  • Concurrent activities of Business Matching for Investors & Purchase Managers
  • Lucky Draws

So, hurry and register now for the Renewable Energy India 2014, which would be taking place at the India Expo Centre,Noida from September 3-5, 2014.

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