Human Resource (HR) Analytics Workshop in Pune

Human Resource (HR) Analytics Workshop in Pune

Human Resource (HR) Analytics Workshop in Pune:

International Institute of Analytics and Computing  in Pune is gearing up to host a two day workshop on Human Resource (HR) Analytics, which would be open for both the Academic and Students Professionals as well as the Practicing HR Professionals.  The Human Resource (HR) Analytics Workshop in Pune would be a certification course, where the participants would be taught about optimising the impact and effectiveness of HR Analytics for creating better business values.

As a part of this workshop, the participants would be offered training in using analytics for arriving at a data driven decision making process in all the HR functions.

Human Resource (HR) Analytics Workshop in Pune

Use Analytics for Data Driven Decision making processes in HR functions and learn how to use the data science methodologies and analytics for extracting  intelligence for predicting decision modeling, improve the HR process by effectively analysing people, profits, employee value proposition, more than compensation, attracting, motivating and retaining employees and Deriving Insights to Action from the HR Data.

Post the workshop the participants would be able to derive a better understanding of the cause and effect relation at work, based on what the HR does and related business outcomes – and then creating strategies based on data sciences information.

The workshop module would be divided into two parts the  Introduction on Day 1, which would also include the Fundamentals of understanding the concepts Developing an Analytical Framework,Areas of HR Analytics,Analytical tools,Use of Advanced Excel Part-I, Case Study discussion,etc.

Human Resource (HR) Analytics Workshop in Pune

While the day two of the workshop would include topics like Implementation Challenges of HR Analytics Solutions,Data Modeling in HR Analytics,HR Analytics Reporting and Visualization,Statistical Techniques in modeling HR Analytics Solutions,Use of Advanced Excel Part-II,Case Study discussion and presentation,Future use of HR Analytics,etc.

The Human Resource (HR) Analytics Workshop in Pune Specially designed for the HR professionals and would help them in Understanding and predicting the trend in HR functions and multiple use of various applications of HR Analytics.

Human Resource (HR) Analytics Workshop in Pune

So, if you are a Professionals working in the HR department and would like to know and leverage the power of HR Analytics – tools and techniques for measuring the effectiveness of HR Parameters or an IT professionals and software developers, who would like to work as functional or technical consultants in the areas of HR Analytics or even a Management students with HR specialization looking for pursuing career as HR Analytics professional then make sure you register yourself for this two day workshop.

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