Freedom Run and Ride 2014

Freedom Run and Ride 2014

Freedom Run and Ride 2014:

A developing nation is subject to numerous problems and challenges, of which the need to provide the future generation with the best. However, with the soaring population that is a major issue in developing countries, it becomes difficult for the government to provide a quality lifestyle to the future generation, which causes the issue of malnutrition.

The huge population and poverty levels like in the case of India, makes it difficult for the government alone to change the situation and take the nation in the path of progress as any nation would develop with the combined effort of the citizens and government. While the primary thing that the citizens can do to contribute towards development is to pay their taxes on time, the other would be to contribute to activities that work with this goal.

Freedom Run and Ride 2014

The Freedom Run and Ride 2014 organized in Bengal is one such opportunity knocking the door of the citizens to make a difference to the nation by raising support for “Mother & Child Care” and ” Child Rights.”  Freedom Run and Ride 2014 would be taking place on August 15, 2014 as a part of the Independence Day Celebrations 2014 and would provide the citizens an opportunity to contribute towards nation building.

Freedom Run and Ride 2014 is being organized in various categories for which the participants can lend their support like:

1) Run and Cycle as Sports in this city and healthy way to get fit.
2) The movement for FREEDOM from Malnutrition.
3) The movement for FREEDOM of Rights for Women and Child.
4) The movement for FREEDOM through Education.

The activities for the ride have been divided based on the distance and the category of run and cycling and would be as follows:

Freedom Run and Ride 2014


Run: 10 K and 3 K (Men and Women)

Cycling: 25 K and 3 K (Men and Women)

The first three finishers of the race in every category would be awarded with the winner’s prize in the order of their completion (trophy), while the first 10 finishers would be awarded with the consolation prizes (medals). This apart all the participants at the race would be provided with a certificate of participation.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and register now for the Freedom Run and Ride 2014 and contribute for the cause of nation building by lending your support to the most pinning concerns of the nation.

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