Four Childhood Memories to relive this Friendship Day


Four Childhood Memories to relive this Friendship Day:

Celebrations that happen before the occasion:

Friendship Day falls on the first Sunday of August, which means that you do not get to meet your classmates on the friendship day and wish them by tying the “friendship band.” However, there was a quick fix to the problem as you ended up celebrating Friendship Day on Saturday, i.e., a day before the world woke up to wish their friends.

Four Childhood Memories to relive this Friendship Day

Follow the same tradition and celebrate Friendship Day with your friends on Saturday Night, with a pre friendship day party at the Pre – Friendship Day Bash @ MOVIDA, which would take place from 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm at the Raddison Blu, Hyderabad.

Never ending conversations during cycle rides.

All those memories of cycling to school with a bunch of buddies and sharing everything from the homework horrors to the crush we had in our class, school or tuition. These rides were never tiring, not even after the long day at school, as you got to be with your best buddies and talk to your heart’s content.

Four Childhood Memories to relive this Friendship DayFour Childhood Memories to relive this Friendship Day

Well, now you can relieve those nostalgic days with your friends this Friendship Day, by joining us at the Friendship Day Bike Ride to Tamhini Ghat. A bike ride, in the lap of mother nature where you can recollect the fondness of the good old days in all joy and happiness.

Splashing and Spraying water on friends:

Splashing water on your friends from the water bottles after school as you chase them around the playground, getting all drenched in water and soaked in joy was so much fun. How we wish we could get back to those days of fun, friendship and entertainment.

Four Childhood Memories to relive this Friendship Day

The innocent days where games were played on the sports ground and not on the phones and computers. Well here is your chance to soil up your clothes and that of your friends and relive the magic of the good old days this friendship day with the Friendship Day Tomatina Bash @ Taj Banjara, where you can splash tomatoes on each other instead of water and celebrate the magic of friendship like you did back in school.

Dancing and celebrating with friends:

Days of rehearsal for annual days and carnivals were fun, not just because we got to miss classes, also because we had the opportunity to sing, dance and celebrate with our friends in the most fun manner.

Four Childhood Memories to relive this Friendship DayFour Childhood Memories to relive this Friendship Day

Well now the fun can be all yours again by heading to the best Friendship day Parties like the Friendship Fiesta VOL 2 on 3rd Aug  in Pune and the Friendship Day Carnival at NTR Gardens, Hyderabad would help you get back into the nostalgic days of your childhood and those fun filled celebrations.

The memories of childhood and friends are never ending. So, please share your wonderful and cherished memories with us and tell us how you wish to make this day a memorable one with your friends. For more friendship day parties please visit

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