OFF Season Blast in Goa (2014)

Goa Parties,trance parties in goa

OFF Season Blast in Goa (2014):

Goa, the holidayers paradise in the sub-continent has yet another reason for you to visit it now. If the exotic beaches and the adventure sports are not reason enough for you to visit the land of beaches, then the rave parties surely would draw you towards this exotic destination.

Goa Parties,trance parties in goa

As the stage is set for the biggest spectacle in Goa, the final list of artists performing at the event has also been made available, which would range from

Main Stage:

Lifeforms from the UK (performing for the first time in India),Zorflux (performing for the first time in India),Indrapest (performing for the first time in India),Blazed Cosmic Riders (performing for the first time in India),MrWhat? (performing for the first time in India),Didrapest,Paranoid,Pindrop,Moksha Mantra,Terra-Moto,Neyha Tolani,Cosmic Moon,Space Alien,Vial,TripTone,Bethalaa Project,Silence Projekt,Chikita,Inhayling,Trilok,etc., to name a few.

Alternate Stage:

Audiogramme,Didra prog,Pindrop,Nirvafunk,Orbs & Zen,Charles Shy-o,Neha Tolani.

The OFF Season Blast in Goa (2014) would take place for three days, starting from August 17, 2014 – August 19, 2014 from 5:00 pm to 11:55 pm every day at the Sky Club, Ashwem,North Goa. The Closing day events, i.e., the events on August 19, 2014 of the OFF Season Blast in Goa (2014) would have all the artists performing together in the morning, while there would be a breathtaking closing set, which would be organized in the evening to mark the end of the event. 

Goa Parties,trance parties in goa

The OFF Season Blast in Goa (2014) would surely be a party and memory that would give you memories worthy of a lifetime. But, its not just the celebration that the patrons would get to cherish for a lifetime as there would be an added reason that the guests can pride about being a part of the OFF Season Blast in Goa (2014).

The event would seek to provide the participants with the new and innovative ways of interacting with the environment in a meaningful manner. The event would be an attempt at promoting a new, global consciousness, which sees our entire planet as a living organism with the Humankind as an integral part of the entity.

It would seek to pursue the participants to  form an essential part of the contribution to making life more whole, healing our planet and uplifting humanity. With the mission to work together to employ alternative solutions that will produce a more sustainable society, contribute to the survival and sustainability of all species of our living system, the wonderful and fantastic planet our spaceship, the planet: Earth.

Goa Parties,trance parties in goa

This way, all the peace, wisdom, and joy in the universe exist within us, where the mankind can live a life, like that of a child standing in a beautiful park, where there is no need to image the beauty of trees, flowers, sky,etc., as they would be present physically.

So, come and join the OFF Season Blast in Goa (2014), where you would get to rejuvenate yourself in a beautiful world beneath the the sun and the stars, where the participants can experience the new vision, a vision of freedom, expression, love, as we step inside a dream world and see it become our reality.

Goa Parties,trance parties in goa

We wish for everyone to join us in the celebrations of unity and oneness, to groove to the rhythms of the world, together amongst their family and friends, where they can ponder the revelations of the galaxy, to heal and chant, to laugh and play. In other words, the OFF Season Blast in Goa (2014) would be a festival where caring for each other, for our world is as important as our love for all living beings, OFF Season Blast,Goa 2014 would like nothing more than to grow more and more as an ecologically conscious gathering as well.

So, hurry and book your passes now to experience the magic of OFF Season Blast in Goa (2014).

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