Safar (The Royal Mirage): Pankaj Udhas Live In Concert

Safar (The Royal Mirage: Pankaj Udhas Live In Concert

Safar (The Royal Mirage): Pankaj Udhas Live In Concert:

He popularised Ghazal and brought it into the mainstream music, leaving thousands of people spellbound in his silvery voice. Pankaj Udhas, the Gujarati singer and sibling of Manhar Udhas and Nirmal Udhas, sure made many a heart skip a beat when he made an entry into the world of music in the year 1986, when he play backed the song, “Chitthi Aayee Hai,” for the movie Naam.

The song brought him instant fame and he has since then been an active playback singer for movies apart from his private albums, both of which are received with great enthusiasm by his patrons. The soulful voice of the singer has indeed stolen so many hearts and filled auditoriums with resounding applauses every time the singer performs as a recognition of his talent, which is the biggest accolade for a performer. However, adding to this glory is the fact that the Government of India has bestowed upon him the Fourth Highest Civilian Award of the Nation, the Bharat Ratna in the Year 2006. 

Safar (The Royal Mirage: Pankaj Udhas Live In Concert

This is not the only prestigious award bestowed upon the Hasta Chehra singer,who was also facilitated with numerous other laurels like Giants International Award for extraordinary efforts to achieve the highest standards in the field of music thereby motivating the entire community to pursue excellence in the year 1993, K L Saigal Award for being the Best Ghazal Singer of the Year in the year 1985, Radio Lotus Award for Outstanding Achievement and for the many songs featuring on the official hit parade of the radio. Presented by Radio Lotus, South Africa at the University of Durban, etc., to name a few.

These apart he was also honored with the Special Felicitation at the Wembley Conference Center, London for Completing 20 Years of Performance at the Prestigious Venue in 2003 and was bestowed with the honorary citizenship of Lubbock Texas, USA in 1994.

The singer has always been associated with Ghazals, which talk of love, intoxication and sharab, that people consider the motif of all his songs, although this is not true as Pankaj Udhas has penned, composed and sung songs that do not revolve around intoxication and Sharab like the “Aur aahista keejiye baatein,” which is a poetic expression of the love between two people from distinct geographical origins.

Safar (The Royal Mirage: Pankaj Udhas Live In Concert

The singer has launched over 40 albums, ever since the launch of his first album, Aahat, in 1980 and has since then been the hot favourite among the music lovers, who is also credited for having taken Ghazals to the common man, while retaining the charm and essence of the genre of music.

Pankaj Udhas Concert Tickets or album CDs sell like hot cakes, leaving the late comers with nothing, but repentance of having missed the opportunity to listen to the soulful voice. So, make sure you book your tickets for the Safar (The Royal Mirage): Pankaj Udhas Live In Concert happening at Weightlifting Indoor Auditorium, Nehru Stadium, NewDelhi on July 27, 2014 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the earliest, lest you repent the missed opportunity.

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