Vishnubaaug presents Monsoon Masti

Vishnubaaug presents Monsoon Masti

Vishnubaaug presents Monsoon Masti:

Pitter Patter raindrops hit your pane and send a sensation of joy and lifting up your spirits. Monsoons are nature’s way of telling the mankind that we are still blessed and loved, no matter how much harm we infuse upon it, and it is that time of the year when the skies send across their loving messages to us in the form of soothing showers.

As kids, this season of monsoon meant a lot more as we could soak your feet in the rain and splash water all around, without having to worry about a soiled dress or the spoiled hair, and the only place where we could relive this kind of joy of childhood is probably a theme park. Theme parks sure succeed in driving out the child hidden in every heart and let people rejoice life.

Vishnubaaug presents Monsoon Masti

Are you wondering where are we leading to, well it is about a place where the fun of monsoon and the excitement of the theme parks are brought together for spreading miles of smiles across the city of Mumbai. Vishnubaaug presents Monsoon Masti is a special discount package,which the patrons can avail on July 29 and August 15, 2014.

Vishnubaaug is a theme park that would let you embrace the beauty of the nature where they can hug the trees, walk on the grass, enjoy the fragrance of the flowers and share the Garden Friend’s secrets. Renowned for being a wonderful retreat and a getaway spot for family, friends and a venue for numerous celebrations, Vishnubaaug has it all ranging from the most adventurous sports, camping experience in tents, campfire, waterfall, the rainbow valley,rainforest and much more, all comprised under one roof.

Vishnubaaug presents Monsoon Masti

As a part of the Vishnubaaug presents Monsoon Masti, the patrons would get to enjoy a day long experience on the specified dates (July 29 and August 15, 2014)  where they would be provided access to enthral themselves in the unlimited magic of rain and waterfall in the rainforest teamed up with Garma garam Pakoda and Masala Chai, which complete the joy of monsoon. If that does not satiate your monsoon food cravings then there are a lot more seasonal delicacies that would be lined up especially for the guests availing the Monsoon Masti Package.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and register yourself now for all the fun and excitement of the monsoons in the best theme park in Mumbai.

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