The Brainival Workshop in Bangalore

The Brainival Workshop in Bangalore

The Brainival Workshop in Bangalore:

Human Brain, is far better off than any computer, due to many reasons of which the amount of data it can comprise and comprehend being primary. However, seldom do we put to use our brains to its full potential and unleash all the possibilities of this wonder organ. The Brainival Workshop in Bangalore by Pavan Bhattad, is an event, which would help the practitioners master the art of training the brain to work to its full potential.

The Brainival Workshop in Bangalore would be a two day workshop where the participants would be trained in unleashing the potential of the brain and understand the working of the brain, which could also be called as the “manual of the human mind.”

The Brainival Workshop in Bangalore

Like Thomas A. Edison puts it, “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves,” but seldom does this happen as in the current world of cut-throat competition, and information overload, people have forgotten the art of learning. In other words, people have started learning things without the basic knowledge of “how to learn,” which is the major cause of problems.

From schools, to books to parents and teachers, there are hardly any sources which encourage people to use their brains and manage their knowledge and learning efficiently. While Memory, Reading, Thinking,etc., are all considered as laborious activities for the brain by many, it would not be the same for you anymore as the Brainival workshop would lead people into a  lifelong celebration of your Brain.

What would you learn at the Brainival?Pavan Bhattad

Brainival is an extensive 2 days workshop, which helps the participants to efficiently use their brain. In other words, it empowers the users with the knowledge of how your brain functions and teaches several brain friendly methods of learning.

There are two workshops on Brainival that the participants can choose from, where one would be on using Brainival for creativity, while the other course would comprise of a few memorizing techniques like the Science of Memory, Speed Reading and Mind Mapping, all of which have been proven effective.

Small Briefs about the topics:

Science of Memory:

Learning the basics of how the human brain works and how people tend to remember or forget something can play a vital role in the ample use of the brain, the Science of Memory would teach the participants exactly the same.

Speed Reading:

In the Speed Reading lessons you learn how to effectively use your eyes and brain to read much faster and understand text even better than your current understanding. With the Brainival you are sure to increase your reading speed by double in no time.

Mind Mapping:

Invented by Tony Buzan, Mind Mapping is  a great tool used for note taking, generating ideas, planning, management and more.  Best known industry stalwarts like Bill Gates, Al Gore promote the use of Mind Maps.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up to explore the complete potential of your brain in just two days,with the guidance of Pavan Bhattad, who was  trained directly by Tony Buzan – the inventor of Mind Maps. Pavan has also mastered many thinking tools invented by Tony Buzan, Chris Griffiths, Edward de Bono, Phil Chambers,etc.

The workshop is being organized at the Pride Hotel, Bangalore on August 1-2,which would be on the topics “Creativity and Innovation,” while the Brainival on August 2-3, would be dealing with the above mentioned topics of “Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and the Science of Memory.”

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