SMC Corporate Cricket League 2014

SMC Corporate Cricket League 2014

SMC Corporate Cricket League 2014:

The cubicle of offices bustling with activity all the time, holds within itself vast  amounts of stress  than what people can handle and this leads to a decline in the morale and team performance in the long run. This posts an enormous challenge on the organizations, as this might also leave a direct impact on the employee retention levels and team performances.SMC Corporate Cricket League 2014

However, the organizations can indulge the employees in the most popular practice that is trending across huge organizations, i.e., encouraging the employees to take part in sports representing the organization.

When the employees compete with each other on a sports front, it brings about the spirit of team building and breaks all barries of communication among the employees. This would also be an ideal ice breaker among the employees far moved from the hierarchies present in the organization.

The employees, would get to interact and work as a team for mutual benefit, while developing the spirit of sportsmanship where they can embrace both failure and success with the same spirit. These learnings have more often than not, seen to be expressed even in the workspace by the employees.

SMC Corporate Cricket League 2014While discussing sports and the need for team building, what better sport than cricket, which is worshiped as a religion in itself in the sub-continent. Keeping this aspect in mind there are numerous corporate sports tournaments that are being organized across the country and the SMC Corporate Cricket League 2014 is one of them.

SMC Corporate Cricket League 2014:

SMC Corporate Cricket League 2014 would be taking place in the land of Nawabs, Hyderabad, on July 26-27, 2014 from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm at the Sports Management Centre, Jubilee Hills. Organized on a Cricket Clay ground, the match would be open for participation from both corporates as well as individuals.

The winners of the SMC Corporate Cricket League 2014 would be awarded a prize money of  ₹10,000 while the runners up would be awarded a prize money of  ₹5,000, apart from the trophies for winners and finalists, certificates to all the participants.

So, shun away your suits and get into your cricket dress and get onto the field to exhibit your batting prowess with your friends and colleagues at the SMC Corporate Cricket League 2014.

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