Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014

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Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 in Bangalore:

A global platform that brings together the best of ideas and aspiring minds, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 is all set to grace the Silicon City, Bangalore. The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 would be a platform,spread over two days and would bring together over 5000 global delegations.

Opening up new avenues for starting businesses and fostering new businesses relationships, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 would serve as an ideal platform, just as it had in the past several years since its inception.

Global Entrepreneurship Summit:

The GES or the Global Entrepreneurship Summit has been an annual event,which is as the name suggests organized across the globe in several locations every year. The emphasis of this annual summit, is laid around the concepts of global business scenario, emerging startups, women entrepreneurship, youth entrepreneurship, global brand creation ,innovations in entrepreneurship.

Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014

This apart the event would also pave the way for numerous quality interactive sessions by renowned top leading industrialists, global business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, chairman, CEO and MD of reputed organizations across the globe would come together to share their experiences and learnings.

Why should an entrepreneur attend the GES 2014?

The current edition, is being organized in the Indian sub-continent, after its astounding success in Kula Lampur, in 2013. The GES 2014 would offer a high quality networking platform with the business delegations from across the globe, which would be the most sought after opportunity for the Indian industry to interface with the business leaders,world statesmen, academia, decision makers, policy makers,etc., along with finding space in the global media.

Apart from the networking, there would also be immense of opportunity for learning from the industry professionals from across the globe including the nations like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Germany, France etc.

Theme for Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 Bangalore:

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 organized at the Clarks Exotica Resorts, in Bangalore on October 11-12, 2014 would be designed on the themes, Bio Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Entrepreneurship, empowering women entrepreneurship,etc., to name a few. While the keynote speaker would be addressing the issues pertaining to the topic key issues and challenges for advancing entrepreneurship,etc.

Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014

The event in short aims at creating a global platform for sharing experiences, achievements, learning and innovative approach in the entrepreneurship that revolutionize the global economy. Therefore, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 would be a platform for fostering globalization through bridging the gap of entrepreneurs and global network.

Advantages of attending Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014:

Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014

The attendees and exhibitors participating in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 would avail the opportunity to be a part of the largest entrepreneurial gathering of the globe, which would have over 5000 high profile global delegation, 250+ globally leading organizations, 150+ new technologies and innovative product launches, 80+ countries delegations, etc., along with the 50+ keynote speeches by globally renowned global entrepreneurs and business leaders.

So, hurry and register now to be a part of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014, happening at the Clarks Exotica Resorts, in Bangalore. Make sure you register now and avail special 20% Early Bird Discounts by booking your tickets from, which is valid up to 31 July, 2014. 

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