1000 Udhai Vangiya Apoorva Sigamani

1000 Udhai Vangiya Apoorva Sigamani

1000 Udhai Vangiya Apoorva Sigamani:

Laughter is the best medicine and humans are gifted with this wonderful ability to push far all their stressors with one pleasant smile and a hearty laugher. Bringing in the opportunity for all the people in Chennai to laugh to their heart’s content is the 1000 Udhai Vangiya Apoorva Sigamani by  S.Ve.Shekher.

The play has been well received and celebrated across the globe by people from various cross sections of the society, during its various on stage performances. The success of his humourous play is also evident from the astounding success of the audio version as well.

This successful play is all set to allude its patrons on July 20, 2014 from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm at the Vani Mahal A/c, T.Nagar, so hurry and book your tickets now from www.meraevents.com. The play would feature the versatile artist, S.Ve.Shekhar, who is renowned for his wit, courage and commitment towards entertaining people, along with his troupe.

About S.Ve.Shekhar:S.Ve.Shekher

With an impressive screen presence of over 30 years, backed by enormously successful stage plays and teleserials apart from the numerous movies. He is renowned for his satirical take on the current state of events and happenings in the society, which he reflects in the screenplay of this dramas.

He is also equally noteworthy are his forays into politics. He is currently a Member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.

His plays have been staged more than 5,000 times within India and abroad by Natakhapriya, his troupe. Highly inclined to community service, he has often donated the proceeds of his stage plays to several social causes.

So, hurry and book your tickets now to have a hearty laugh this July, but make sure you hold on to your seats as you might drop off laughing.

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