Madras Heritage Marathon 2014

Madras Heritage Marathon

Madras Heritage Marathon 2014:

“We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.”Winston Churchill

India is a nation that is known for its longs standing heritage, history and cultural richness. The ancient architecture, monuments and the buildings stand tall to tell the tales of our ancestors and how they wished to portray their culture rich life to the future generations. These embellishments present across the country echo the cultural diversity that the nation has lived through and has been passed onto several generations.

It is important to preserve these heritage structures as the buildings we live and work in leave an impact on us and this calls for the need to be more responsible towards them and preserve them accordingly. The Madras Heritage Marathon 2014 is an event, which seeks to pay tribute to the structures across Chennai, which hold similar historical significance, by uniting people from the cross sections of the society to celebrate togetherness and spread the message ‘Preserve our heritage for generations to come’.

Madras Heritage Marathon

Madras Heritage Marathon 2014 would pay tribute to all the tall standing structures that have been a symbol of identity for the city of Chennai, which also holds a prominent place in the hearts of many Chennaiats. The Madras Heritage Marathon would seek to unite all the citizens at the heart of the City Marina Beach on September 14, 2014 from 5:00 am – 8:00 am,where they would run a marathon.

Running is a great way to promote personal wellbeing and health and running gets an added charm when it is done for something that has given us so many memories. The madras heritage marathon would be an attempt to celebrate the secular feeling, which comes along with running a marathon and spread the message of preserving the heritage at the same time.

The event would be emphasising on preserving heritage monument from natural and man-made damages to be passed onto future generations is the mission of Madras Heritage Marathon. So, hurry and register now for the Madras Heritage Marathon 2014, where you can run in three different categories as per your convenience, i.e., 3K, 5K and 10K run where you can join along with several other likeminded citizens from various cross sections of the society.

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