7 Bollywood Characters You would meet at a Party

7 Bollywood Characters You would meet at Party

Party! Party! Party! The one word, which keeps everyone craving the weekend. And in India, the land ruled by cricket and movies have plenty of people who totally look like they have walked out of a movie into the party. There are numerous types of partyholics and each is different in its own way and Bollywood is like a training ground for parties, so here are the different kinds of people you might come across in party bearing resemblance to the tee to a few renowned Bollywood characters.

The SRK of the Party- AKA the Charmer:

The SRK of the Party- AKA the Charmer

The SRK of the Party- AKA the Charmer

He would come spell the magic of love with his mesmerizing smile and flirtatious eyes that would make the heart of every girl skip a beat. If you are partying with your girlfriend around, be wary of this guy!

Govinda-AKA the “Bollywood” dancer:

Govinda-AKA the “Bollywood” dancer

These are the types who wait for the music to start and are ready to dance all night, whatever be the song. And the kind of music that is playing does not make a difference to them as they would be performing a perfectly synced Bollywood “tumka” for all the songs.



Well that name suffices all that we can say about this character, irritating, wannabe, arrogant, all packed into one. In simple terms the attention seeker and these are the ones who would break all bounds to get everyone to notice them.

Deepika- the Style Diva:

Deepika- the Style Diva

Beauty, confidence and a flawless personality. Probably, these adjectives do not sum it up all to describe them, but you sure know who they are when you spot them at a party as they are the head turners and eye candy of every party. Their high energy, ability to carry on every outfit like a pro and live the moment makes them the diva of the evening.

The Ageless Icon- Amitabh Bachchan:

The Ageless Icon- Amitabh Bachchan

These are the guys who charm you with their energy levels and rock the dance floor and party all night. You are sure going to hate them for the way they charm all the damsels at the party with ease leaving you jealous, but the fact remains that you love them or hate them, you just can ignore them.

The Love Lost Guy Aditya Roy Kapur:

The Love Lost Guy from Aashiqui 2

Losing his beloved, and dejected in love, these guys find solace in spending the night with their drinks and shedding tears over the memories cursing their fate. These are the kinds you would spot close to the bar/drinks counter at every party and they would probably not venture beyond that point or socialise with anyone.

The ZNMD gang:

The ZNMD gang

Last, but not the least, the most fun people you would meet at parties, the ones who are there to grab a drink with their friends and are having a gala time all by themselves, which could probably be even you.

You are sure to come across most of these and many other interesting characters are awaiting you at the parties in your city. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and check the recent parties that are happening in your city on www.meraevents.com

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