Freedom Marathon 2014 in Pune

Freedom Marathon 2014 in Pune

Freedom Marathon 2014 in Pune:

As the world’s largest democracy celebrates its 68th Independence Day, let us join hands as the proud citizens of the country and be a part of the Freedom Marathon 2014 in Pune,which is being organized as a mark of celebration of this day.

The Freedom Marathon 2014 in Pune would be the biggest marathon of its kind and would be emphasising its support for the cause of celebrating health and fitness.

Freedom Marathon 2014 in Pune would be taking place at the renowned Season’s Mall,which would be an ideal place for gathering the huge crowd, that would turn up for an event of this magnitude.

Freedom Marathon 2014 in PuneFreedom Marathon 2014 in Pune would be open for participation in two distances, i.e., 6Kms and 12Kms in which the participants can run irrespective of their age, gender or any other such hindering factors.

The event, being organized for a wonderful cause and on a prominent day, it requires ample support from the enthusiastic citizens, which is why the running distance and the registration fees have been decided to be at a nominal amount. 

Freedom Marathon 2014 in Pune would be celebrating the health and happiness of the citizens and for a developing nation like India, the health and wellbeing of the citizens play a pivotal role in the development and progress of the nation.

Freedom Marathon 2014 Pune

So, here is your opportunity to express your support towards the promotion of a healthy living in the nation and expressing how you are leading a healthy life.

If the participants wish to take away some memorabilia from the event, which would eternalize their memory of being a part of the biggest marathon in Pune,which is being organized on the Independence day, then they could register for the event T-Shirt. These T-Shirts are available at a nominal cost of Rs.200 and can be booked along with the event registration.

Freedom Marathon 2014 Pune

Hurry and register now for the Freedom Marathon 2014 in Pune and be a part of a marathon that you would be proud of forever, and would also get to meet all the other concerned citizens from across the country. Make sure you are there at the Season’s Mall by 7:00 am, when the event would start and stay on up to 1:00 pm when the event would come to a closure.

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