2-Day Basic Photography Workshop

2-Day Basic Photography Workshop

2-Day Basic Photography Workshop:

You now own your dream camera, or maybe you do not, but every time you capture it is in the auto mode, from which you are craving to step out of, well then here is your chance to explore your photography skills in just two days. Wondering how that could be possible, well, as the adage goes, “Nothing is impossible,” and so is learning photography, all that you would have to do is to register yourself for the 2-Day Basic Photography Workshop, which is being organized in Noida, Delhi.

The 2-Day Basic Photography Workshop is being organized on July 12 and 13, 2014 by Amit Chawla and his crew and would go on for around 6 hours. Your camera knows no language and is capable of capturing every moment sans any prejudice, then why should your photography workshop have one? That is why this two day photography workshop by Amit Chawla and his crew would be conducted in both Hindi and English, to ensure that it serves everyone’s needs.

2-Day Basic Photography Workshop

The two days of the workshop would be classified into a series of sessions, which would be divided based on the numerous topics to be covered starting from the basics, to the real time hands on photography. The first day of the workshop would be an indoors session with dedicated theory classes that offer training in photography starting from the basic topics like the types of lenses, sensors, etc., to glimpses about the image manipulation software available online.

The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Amit Chawla who is an award winning photographer and a Ph.D. Scholar in Photography from the Jamia Millia Islamia. So, hurry and book your slot now as the places are fast filling and you might be left dejected for having missed out on a wonderful learning opportunity like this one.

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