5 Most Common Mistakes Event Planners Make

7 Most Common Mistakes Event Planners Make

5 Most Common Mistakes Event Planners Make:

Technology, social media and the growing reach of the world wide web are changing the way events are planned, organized, promoted and hosted. However, there are some common bloopers that play spoil sport, here is a sneak peek into the 7 Most Common Mistakes Event Planners Make, which you can probably avoid in your next (first) event. 

Too much or too little of Social Media:

It is important to be aggressive in promoting your event, but if you go beyond that, people are sure to lose their interest. Things like Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Join our Group on Linkedin, Read our Blog, Watch our Videos on Youtube are sure to draw away delegates from your events.

Too Much or Too Little Social Media

However, no social media activity is also equally bad, as people will not get a personalised feel of your event from the brochure you will be circulating. It’s possibly good to use channels where potential attendees are available.

 Not checking the weather:

This might seem insignificant, if you are hosting an indoor event, however, an unexpected hail, shower or heat wave can have dire consequences on your event. If your event is held indoors, make sure you are prepared with a canopy or extra umbrellas for the arriving guests, while if it is an outdoor event, stay assured that you have cover.

Always check the weather forecast

Your guests may not like your unplanned event, like the sudden downpour which they were unaware of, due to which their makeup and hairdo, all becomes a mess. Always be aware of the weather forecast and be prepared for sudden surprise showers.

Inability to place resources with the right skills:

Event staffing is crucial and not allocating the right resources is the biggest mistake, one can ever make in the field of event management. Not having the right people handling the event can be the perfect recipe for disaster and all the planning in the world will not overcome the deficit of  poorly skilled personnel.

Allocate the right resources, with the right skills

This issue can be resolved by performing a thorough assessment of all the resources at the very outset of the planning process, which can provide visibility into everyone’s skills and workloads. Once the event planners are aware of everyone’s capabilities and have a clear picture of who’s doing what, it becomes easier to figure out the process of allocating resources across the myriad elements of event management.

No Pre-Event Networking:

Leaving networking to happen naturally at the event and not initiating any pre-event networking, is the major disadvantage for event organizers. If the attendees are given the list of other delegates and attendees on the event day or just randomly left to network, then, it will be difficult for the attendees to comprehend all the data.

No Pre-Event Networking

There is no excuse for ignoring the importance of pre-event networking or to overlook the need to provide such services to the attendees at the event. This is no tiring task as there are numerous event networking apps that are available for the organizers to facilitate networking before, during and after the event using event networking apps like moozup.

Not having signage leading guests to the venue:

If your event is happening  a little away from the entrance of the venue, some of your guests might be  lost, so be prepared and have sign boards and maps available for the guests to find their way to the event space. This is crucial if the event venue has multiple events happening at the same time.

Not having signage leading guests to the venue

A smart substitute for this problem is to embed the venue map on your event website in case you have one, which will guide the delegates on the move.

The best event planners are always prepared for anything, so stay informed and be prepared for the most unforeseen circumstances and make your event a massive success. Apart from the 5 Most Common Mistakes Event Planners Make mentioned above there are many other mistakes that you, we or anyone could have committed while organizing events, so share your experience or learnings in the comments below. 

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