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Mika Singh Live in Concert 2014 at Nagpur


Mika Singh Live in Concert 2014 at Nagpur: Are you a patron of music and do you love to shake a leg to groovy music and does your ideal weekend mean a getaway where you can sing, dance and party until you drop? Well then here we have a wonderful...

4 Reasons to Learn Mind Mapping


4 Reasons to Learn Mind Mapping: Mind mapping is an immensely beneficial technique, that can lift up the burden of being overwhelmed with thoughts. It has been proven time and again to be advantageous in helping people develop a better understanding, analyzing and building up ideas to ones full potential....

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2 Months Pre-Entrepreneurship Incubation Program


2 Months Pre-Entrepreneurship incubation Program: Are you planning to launch your startup, but skeptic about how you could go ahead with the idea? Well, then here we bring you an ideal program called the 2 Months Pre-Entrepreneurship incubation Program, where you could bring alive your idea and incubate it without the fear...

7 Most Common Mistakes Event Planners Make

5 Most Common Mistakes Event Planners Make


5 Most Common Mistakes Event Planners Make: Technology, social media and the growing reach of the world wide web are changing the way events are planned, organized, promoted and hosted. However, there are some common bloopers that play spoil sport, here is a sneak peek into the 7 Most Common Mistakes Event...