The Pro-Talks 2014

The Pro-Talks 2014

The start-up ecosystem is expanding across the country at an impressive pace and this is essentially due to the numerous events, which are organized across the country to provide a common learning platform for all the players in the industry.

The Pro-Talks 2014 organised on August 3, 2014 from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm at the Maharishi Arvind School of Management Studies, Kaveri Path,Jaipur , Rajasthan, would be a platform, which would foster learning and  knowledge sharing among the startup entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Organized by the Procell, The Pro-Talks 2014 would be a confluence that aims to catalyse the process of innovation, creativity and leadership skills in the individuals along with fostering the entrepreneurship spirits. The event would also offer ample opportunities for networking among the pioneering business leaders and the young entrepreneurs, which would facilitate mutual learning and interaction.

The Pro-Talks 2014

The Pro-Talks 2014 is designed on the basis that entrepreneurship is a mechanism, which opens up new avenues for our mind to think up innovative solutions to problems that persist in our planet and that it serves as a value addition to the creativity, innovation and other similar individual skills,etc.

The  Pro-Talks 2014 in other words, would help the participants open up their thinking and horizons, by helping them decipher the code, which holds the mysterious secrets of success, leadership, creativity, innovation, etc., that would in turn lead to the treasure of fortunes.

The event, would also dwell upon certain topics that would initiate brainstorming like

  1. Why a few chose a DIFFICULT path?
  2. Why a few said NO to Silicon Valley jobs?
  3. Why a few said NO to easy money?
  4. Why a few REFUSED to FOLLOW?
  5. And why a few choose to be AN ENTREPRENEUR?
There would be an eminent list of speakers adorning the  Pro-Talks 2014, which would include the likes of Rahul Singh Thakur, Co-Founder of MyCopies, along with Shubham Maheshwari, Founder of Beingchef;Manu Jain,Founder of;Sumit Gupta, Co-Founder of Grownout;Ankit Saraswat, Co-Founder of Freedu and Dharamveer Singh, Co-Founder of Zostel,etc., to name a few, who would be sharing their vast ocean of knowledge on entrepreneurship with the young entrepreneurs and startups.
 The Pro-Talks 2014
Pro-Talks 2014 is being organised with the desire to bring forward the success stories, which were penned by a few young rebellious souls that dared to follow their dreams, instead of following the more conventional, societal norms. This would also be an ideal time to dwell upon the ups and downs that were faced by these entrepreneurs, through which they never deterred and survived the journey of hardship that a startup entrepreneur undergoes through.
However, there might be some inherent skepticism about the reasons behind the path chosen, which is what would also be emphasised at this event, letting the entrepreneurs narrate and share their story in detail,which would be an amazing opportunity of learning for all the delegates present, while instigating the entrepreneurship within them.
 Pro-Talks 2014 would be an ideal learning platform for sure, however the value addition and the most crucial fact of the event is that it would open up vast avenues for peer networking as the event would have in attendance over 220 delegates from across the country, coming together in huge numbers.

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