Mind Mapping workshop in Hyderabad

Mind Maps Workshop in Hyderabad

Mind Mapping workshop in Hyderabad:

Mind Maps, is probably the best and path breaking innovation of mankind, which facilitates easy thinking and data handling. Invented by Tony Buzan in the 1970s, Mind Maps, is a technique, which facilitates people to process huge amounts of data and comprise them into a few points and images.

Used widely across the globe by people from numerous professions and age or drawing skills of the person as mind maps in more of a tool that facilitates easy compilation and understanding of complex data rather than as a technique based on the drawing skills of the person.

This wonderful workshop is all set to take place in Hyderabad, as Mind Maps practitioner and trainer Mr.Koteshwar, who was trained by Tony Buzan himself is all set to host the workshop. You can Register now and refer it to a friend to get 10% off for you and for your friend also.Mind Maps Workshop in Hyderabad

Mind Mapping workshop in Hyderabad would be organized on July 6, 2014 from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm at the Green Park Hotel where the participants would be provided training in creating, read and understand mind maps, apply the skills of mind mapping to various aspects of life, including personal and professional needs, which would assist the participants in honing their planning, decision making and problem solving skills.

Not, just this, the participants of the Mind Mapping workshop in Hyderabad by Mr. Koteshwar would also be provided with a certification for having complete the mind maps course. Mind Mapping workshop in Hyderabad, trainer Mr. Koteshwar has been in trained in the art of mind mapping, by the inventor of the technique,  TONY BUZAN himself, who on speaking of Koteshwar in one instance stated, “Koteshwar you are a true warrior of the mind, I am proud of you.”

Koteshwar is a globally certified trainer, and has been actively involved in helping professionals and organizations to derive the desired results and success with his experience of delivering corporate excellence for over 15 years. Not just in India, he has travelled across the globe and offered training in numerous countries including Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, United States of America, Netherlands, England and Wales.

Hurry and book your tickets now for this wonderful one day training program in Mind Maps now, as the tickets are selling fast and the places are getting filled soon.

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