Dreamerz : Its all about Dreams

Dreamerz - Its all about Dreams | drawing competition for kids

Dreamerz : Its all about Dreams:

Dreamerz : Its all about Dreams is an event, which is being organized in Chennai for all the school kids. The event would be an ideal platform for the kids to explore their dreams and thoughts, by approaching the same in a creative and artistic manner. Dreamerz is a drawing and painting event, which as the name suggests is aimed at fostering the dreams of the children on a canvas.

Dreamerz : Its all about Dreams is being organized by the Wow events, at Valluvarkottam on July 29, 2014 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm and would seek to bring to light the dreams, thoughts and aspirations of the younger generation.

The participation for the Dreamerz : Its all about Dreams is divided into three distinct categories,in which the kids can chose to participate,i.e.,Buds, Blooms and Flowers. These categories are essentially divided on the basis of the age/class of the participants.

The categorization and the topics for participation of the kids are as follows:

Dreamerz - Its all about Dreams


Category 1: BUDS

The kids around the class of 3-5 would be expected to participate in the primary category called, “Buds,” which would have a theme called the “Dream World” where the kids would have to paint their dream world on the canvas.

Eligibility: 3rd Std to 5th Std.


Explanation: Children, around this age are sure to be drifting away to the land of fantasy and dreams,which is evident in their numerous actions like mono acting, imaginary friends,etc., this category is an opportunity for bringing this imagination on a canvas. (The kids would be expected to draw the character they cherish/like the most).

Category 2: BLOOMS Dreamerz - Its all about Dreams | drawing competition for kids

This category if open for kids around classes 6-9, where the would be expected to paint under the topic, “In My Dream,” where they are expected to bring to life their inner thoughts, goals, etc.

Eligibility: 6th Std to 9th Std.


Explanation: Students during this phase of their life go through diversified experiences and develop vivid views on things around them. This being the right age group for them to explore their inner thoughts freely and to bring out the of their talents and to decide on their goals, with the guidance and help of parents,teachers and other significant elders.

This category is a way of bringing together the views of different things under a single theme.Children would have to draw the “GREATER CHENNAI” in their dream in this category.

Dreamerz - Its all about DreamsCategory 1: FLOWERS

This category, which is the last category for participation in the Dreamerz : Its all about Dreams is open for the kids of classes 10-12,which is the last phase of the innocent childhood as they have bloomed into beautiful flowers, ready to take onto the real world.

This category would be based on the theme, “Dream of Mine,” in which the children would have to paint their impressions of their future, thereby depicting their goals and aspirations for their future.

Eligibility: 10th Std to 12th Std.


Explanation: These kids are the future of the nation as they represent the next generation of the country with their future passion and choices. Dreamerz : Its all about Dreams seeks to provide these kids with an opportunity to express in a portrait their expectations, dreams and aspirations about their future and career. Children would have to “DRAW THEIR OWN PORTRAIT”

All the participants would be provided with certificates and medals, while the first three finishers of the competition in all the three categories would be awarded with exciting prizes.  Drawing sheet , pencil, eraser and sharpener will be provided in the venue. Colouring materials should be brought by the participant (please avoid sketch pen and watercolors).

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