An Era of Mobile Killer Apps in a transforming Devices Landscape

An Era of Mobile Killer Apps in a transforming Devices Landscape

An Era of Mobile Killer Apps in a transforming Devices Landscape:

The mobile app market is developing at a lightening pace and every day, there are numerous handsets with innovative features that get launched with the ability to the download multitude of apps. If the speculations are to be believed and the trends are here to stay, then it is likely that by 2020, there would be a peaking number of around 10 million apps available for download, making applications “as big as the internet.”

There is an exponential growth of the mobile applications sector, as a result of this advancement in the mobile technology over the past few years. The improvised mobile technology, advanced infrastructure and the smartphone revolution, which has enabled people to perform many more things than ever imagined on the move has also been a wide contributor for the growth of the mobile apps ecosystem.

The importance of products to have a mobile app, is being evident from the numerous big brands developing and launching mobile apps for their products, which has been proved to be an effective means of attracting more business.

Not just for the huge business empires, small businesses and startups also need to have their product/brand based mobile apps, that work alike on cross platforms, increasing the reach of the products to the end user. This desire to reach the maximum number of users and being user friendly is what has led to the advent of the hybrid apps, that can be seamlessly used across various operating systems.

An Era of Mobile Killer Apps in a transforming Devices Landscape | 3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014

The excitement around the mobile apps is sure to have a major impact on the economy of the nation and the way of life of people in general. Going by the current mobile market in the country, where there are around 800+ million mobile users and the number is on a constant rise, there is also an active increase of the mobile internet users, which is sure to soar up to 237 million in the end of 2015.  This is one prominent reason for entrepreneurs to emphasis on creating mobile apps,which are internet rather than SMS based.

The Indian mobile app industry is growing at a fast pace, which is evident from the 100 million apps that are being downloaded annually and the 250,000 million mobile app developers that the nation has so far produced. The 3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014, designed on the theme “An Era of Mobile Killer Apps in a transforming Devices Landscape,” is an event that seeks to bring together all the professionals associated with this industry.

What would be the key concepts to be discussed at the 3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014:

  • Mastering the increasing amount of different platforms and devices
  • The challenge of developing apps for multiple platform launches
  • Smartphones and tablets are changing the way businesses are operating and interacting more efficiently with customers
  • Benefiting from Up-Selling and Cross-Selling via Mobile Apps
  • Channels to market, app stores and opportunities for partnerships
  • Learn from the leading Mobile operators, handset manufacturers, content providers and application developers in the Indian market
  • Understanding your customers behaviour in the mobile space as a starting point of strategy development
  • Design guidelines and best practices for making your application useful and usable
  • Examining the opportunities in Cloud based Apps, the next big revenue driver in Asia
  • Native apps vs. the mobile Web
  • Analysing various revenue generating models like mobile games, location tracking, mobile banking, mobile advertising and their content security related issues
  • Overcoming the technical challenges associated with linking your app to existing infrastructure
  • Understanding how to work with external app developers to ensure successful app development and launch
  • Embracing mobile advertising and mCommerce as additional revenue streams
  • What are the roles of vendors – who need to understand what features service providers need and tune them in the Indian environment.
  • App monetization opportunities via new commercialization opportunities
  • What to expect from mobile cloud?
  • Examining the worldwide trends in Mobile Apps and the implications, lessons to be learned for India.
  • Examining the current regulation of mobile App market in India
  • The Future of Mobile Operating Systems and Frameworks
  • How will be the future for the mobile innovation: 2014 and Beyond
  • Be part of a major networking opportunity.

An Era of Mobile Killer Apps in a transforming Devices Landscape | 3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014

The event would also feature an array of mobile entrepreneurs and pioneering professionals from the industry in attendance at the event, which would include

  • Pradeep Garani, Senior VP, Product Engineering, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited
  • Puneet Gupta, Associate VP & Head, Mobile Computing Product Line, Infosys Labs
  • Sunil Kamath, Vice President for South Asia, Opera Software
  • Viswanath Poosala, CTO – Subscriber Data Management & Messaging, Alcatel-Lucent & Head, Bell Labs India
  • Sachidanand Mangala, Program Director, India Software Lab, IBM
  • Lux Rao, CTO – Technology Services, HP
  • Balagopal K S, Manager – Developer Program & AppStore(Emerging Markets), Vodafone
  • Sampath Manickam, Regional Head – Data Centre, Managed Services & Cloud, Nxtra Data Limited, A Subsidiary of Bharti Airtel Limited
  • Anantharaman P.N, Independent Researcher, Stealth Mode, Former Director Engineering,Adobe Systems
  • Seenuvasan Amaranathan, Solution Architect Director, Dell
  • Amit Rohatgi, Senior Product Manager – Personalization and Mobility, Manthan Systems
  • Uttam Kumar, Head – New Technologies Innovation & Incubation, Aircel
  • Sunzay Passari, Executive VP – VAS & Devices, Essar Teleholdings & BPL Mobile Communications
  • Udayan Banerjee, VP, NIIT Technologies
  • GirishTrivedi, Co-Founder, Director, Monk Consulting
  • Gaurav Bhalotia, Director of Engineering,
  • Ajay Kumar Jha, Head, Device Technology & On Device Applications, Sistema Shyam Teleservices

The  3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014 would be an ideal opportunity to learn from and network with the industry pioneers as is it would have in attendance all the senior players and policy makers from the industry present at the event.

An Era of Mobile Killer Apps in a transforming Devices Landscape | 3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014

Hurry and register now for  3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014, which would be taking place at the Manthan Hotel, Bangalore on July 17, 2014 from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm as this would be the biggest congregation of the professionals from the mobile apps industry.

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