5 Body Language Tips to use at Professional (Networking) Events

5 Body Language Tips to use at Professional (Networking) Events

Actions speak louder than words, and your body language is surely sending across some powerful and loud messages to those around you than your spoken words ever would. So, always be wary of how you present yourself more so, when in the presence of your professional peers.

Most people, however, tend to go easy on their body language when attending an event, which might harm their career than they could ever imagine. Here are 5 Body Language Tips to use at Professional (Networking) Events, which comes handy when you are attending your next event and helps you from committing bloopers.

Project Openness: 

You are more likely to make contacts at the networking events, if you come across as someone who is approachable and open to networking as opposed to someone who is more reserved.

Project Openness

Although you might not realise it, your body language is sending around subtle signs of what you feel for instance, a  person who has her arms at sides and not crossed, with elbows away from the body and standing straight (without slouching), is more likely to make more contacts compared with someone who behaves the opposite.

 Maintain Eye Contact:

People will like to connect with someone who expresses interest in what they have to offer, and maintaining eye contact is the best way to establish your interest in the conversation. Some of the most powerful and successful business leaders across the world are renowned for the impressions that they make during face-to-face meetings.

Maintain Eye Contact

One prominent thing that people notice during these sessions is that their gaze never wavers from the eyes of the person they are speaking with, which would send the message that they are the most important person in the room. 

Facial expressions:

Just like maintaining a positive and open body posture, it is also important to have approachable facial expressions, which goes along with the previous point (Maintain Eye Contact).

Facial Expressions

Are you smiling, or are holding back a yawn? What is that your face has to say? Are you expressing interest? 

Do not Fidget:

Do not Play With Your Hair or fidget around while talking to someone as it would express disinterest in the conversation. Not just this, it would also tend to distract others as people involuntarily pay attention to moving objects.


Fidgeting with ones hair or any other object is seen as a sign of stress, which is not a positive vibe that you would want to send across to someone while meeting them for the first time.

 Arm movement:

While talking to someone, if your arms are placed in a particular way, they are sending across some subliminal hints to your audience. If your arms are for instance placed to your side, that would make your speaker feel that you are not interested and you are surely not making a positive impression.

 Arm movement

What are your arms doing? Are they folded, signifying boredom, or tucked behind your back, indicating interest?

When properly used, body language can be your key to greater success. It can help you develop positive business relationships, influence and motivate the people who report to you, improve productivity, bond with members of your team, and present your ideas with more impact.  

We hope the above points helped you be more aware of the non-verbal signs that you would be sending across when at an event ( or anywhere) and how you could be more careful to make a more positive appeal. 

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