2 Days Pranic Healing Workshop in Delhi

2 Days Pranic Healing Workshop in Delhi

What is  Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is an approach that seeks to healing of a person by manipulating the energy forms present in the person. Believed to be invented by the grand master Choa Kok Sui, the method of pranic healing as the name suggests, puts to use the prana or the energy innately present in a person to treat the various ailments.

The method of pranic healing is similar to that of acupuncture and yoga, where the energy body is treated to cure the ailments, which are in turn affecting the physical body. The 2 Days Pranic Healing Workshop in Delhi would seek to help the students master this art, by helping the participants master the primary principle of utilising the inherent energy for self-healing.

2 Days Pranic Healing Workshop in Delhi:

During the 2 Days Pranic Healing Workshop in Delhi, the participants would be offered training on treating the ailments using the pranic healing methodologies. The 2 Days Pranic Healing Workshop is ideal for everyone irrespective of their age as everyone ranging from students, young mothers, etc., as they can learn to work on their energy field , clean it and energise it.

This would increase their performance in whichever field they are and the self healing topics would equip them with the skills to treat minor ailments while building their immunity. The self healing methodology of pranic healing is also highly effective in greatly reducing the side reactions of intense therapies as it can be used to calm the patients.

The learnings from the 2 Days Pranic Healing Workshop can be used for self healing, as well as for treating others both who are close and distant, which makes it ideal for everyone to master this art of pranic healing. What are you waiting for? Hurry and register now for the 2 Days Pranic Healing Workshop in Delhi and heal yourself and your loved ones from the effects of negative energy.

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