NLP Practitioner International Certification Course

NLP Practitioner International Certification Course

NLP Practitioner International Certification Course

Ever thought that attending a workshop or a seminar could actually transform your life for good and the few hours you spend listening to these speakers would make a difference to your life and career? As, they say “Nothing is Impossible,” event this transformation can actually happen and there are millions of people who have benefited from the same. Well although this sounds like an upright advertisement or sales pitch it is not.

It is about a scientific approach to understanding human thoughts and process and making it work for the success of the individual. Curious to know more? Well then here you go. We are speaking about the technique of NLP, which has been widely practised by many across the globe and has been verified to provide positive working results instantly.

So, What is NLP?

NLP or the Neuro Linguistic Programing is a powerful thinking system, which has been proven efficient in helping people take complete control over their life.In other words, it is a technique, which can accelerate the achievement of personal and professional goals of its practitioners.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming models the patterns of human behavior and explores the inner workings and thought processes of the human brain, like how a person things, develops desires, goals, fears, etc., and also motivates the participants to make connections and derive meaningful experiences. 

The NLP Practitioner International Certification Course by Anil Dagia and  5th Element is Mumbai from June 23, 2014 – June 28, 2014 would help the participants to develop an overall understanding of NLP and learn how to create a training model, which then can use to offer training programs. The international certification that is being offered is highly valued in the training profession across the globe. 

About Anil Dagia:

Anil Dagia is an internationally renowned NLP trainer who has offered training to over 2,000 people from across 9 nationalities and his training sessions have been organized in numerous countries including Dubai, South Africa and India. He has a versatile trainee profile, which includes the likes of Doctors, Surgeons, Trainers, Psychologists, Business Owners, Students, Teachers, Management Consultants, Bankers, HR Professionals, IT professionals, as well as very distinguished and highly decorated officers from the Indian Army,etc.

Hurry and book your tickets now to be a part of this amazing NLP Practitioner International Certification Course, which is sure to transform your life forever.

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  1. Now a days NLP is the one of the best and very helpful for every sales person, NLP will discover methods of self-help and self-improvement, It would be a really amazing experience to join NLP training.

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