Sitar Yoga with Zubin Atre and Galen Passen

Sitar Yoga

Sitar Yoga with Zubin Atre and Galen Passen

Sitar Yoga with Zubin Atre and Galen Passen is a workshop on mastering the art of yoga to the musical notes of Sitar. Music is soothing and a universal healer,which has been scientifically proven and is the reason behind the popularity of music therapy across the globe. The magic of yoga on wellbeing has been spoken about enough that it is now cliche and a combination of these two would surely be miraculous.

So, here we are presenting you with the best of both the worlds as we bring together the music of soulful sitar by Galen Passen, while Zubin Atré silently conducts the session where the participants are invited to meditate in silence of the music and the movement that fills the air. In other words, Sitar Yoga is what the name denotes,i.e., it refers to the mechanics of yoga balanced on the strings of the sitar.

Zubin Atré is a yoga professional yoga master and founder the of The Atré Yoga Studio. He is an individual who is mindful of the individual nature of the body and its needs. Zubin is renowned for conducting yoga workshops through various unique methods and ensures that he does this in keeping with his experiments with other disciplines, Zubin will once more present yoga in a refreshing combination with another art form that puts one in a meditative state.

Galen Passen on the other hand is the student of the renowned sitar player Gopal Krishan Shah who is well known for the magic he creates on the strings of the sitar. The Sitar Yoga with Zubin Atre and Galen Passen is a unique blend of the two ancient Indian art-forms, which seeks towards building good health and wellbeing among the practitioners. Galen provides an improvised raga to the movement conducted by Zubin. So, hurry and register now for this innovative wellbeing workshop as there are only
Limited seats available.

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