Nature Walk for Kids in Chennai

Nature Walk for Kids in Chennai

There are numerous discussions and debates on how we need to preserve the planet, its resources and greenery for the future generation.However, the efforts to enlighten children to be more passionate towards the environment and care for the planet are very few. So, if you wish to sow the habit to care for the planet and love for mother nature, then here is your opportunity as there is a one day Nature Walk for Kids in Chennai, which is being organized on the East Coast Road (ECR).

Nature Walk for Kids in Chennai is a wonderful opportunity for kids and parents to spend some quality time in the company of nature this summer. As the event is scheduled to take place over the weekend, parents would surely be able to walk the track along with the kids, which would not just be an opportunity for the kids to get acquainted with the nature, but also an amazing way for the parents to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the everyday life.

Nature is the best healer and what better way for you to raise up your spirits and bounceback to work with rejuvenated energy than spending some quality time in the arms of mother nature with your kids playing around in embracing all the surprises that nature has to offer.

The Nature Walk for Kids in Chennai is also a must attend for kids as the growing number of nuclear families and the urbanization have led to kids growing within the cloister of a gated community, which does not offer the comfort of playing in ones personal garden while picking up flowers. This is an amazing opportunity to experience all that and much more at a very nominal price.

The trip package of Nature Walk for Kids in Chennai is inclusive of the Games, Transportation and 1 Evening Snack for the registered participants, which includes one parent and one child per registration. For more information on the activities scheduled to take place as a part of the Nature Walk for Kids in Chennai please visit

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